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Most Interesting Wine Clubs - Rated and Reviewed by Wine Club Experts
Most Interesting Wine Clubs

Most Interesting Wine Clubs

The Top 5 most interesting wine of the month clubs

Last updated: April 1, 2016

Most wine drinkers are content to open a quality bottle of wine to enhance their meal. These food-friendly wines are usually Chardonnays, Cabernets, and Pinot Noirs. Once you’ve tasted these varietals many times over, you may be in the mood for a little more adventure.

We’ve selected this list of Most Interesting wine clubs to tantalize your palate, and to surprise your inner wine geek. Discover wines from remote and little-known wine regions, organic and biodynamic wineries, and experiments from well-known vintners. Maybe you’ll come across a Gruner Veltiner, a Picpoul Blanc, or even an Alicante.

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Overview: Highlighting California wineries making very small amounts of wine, this wine club sends you wine from the hardest-to-access, artisinal wineries.

What We Love: We look forward to discovering new wineries from all over California. We know we're getting very good wine at below-retail prices and helping small family businesses grow.

Could Be Better: Like other Gold Medal Wine Club series, we'd really like to see more information about the winemaking and viticulture in the educational materials.

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Curated Wine Club
by Plonk Wine Club
All-Around Rating:

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Get a FREE double-hinged corkscrew with your first shipment. If you've never used one, you'll see why it's the best way to open a bottle of wine!

Overview: The hippest wine club on the web focusing on high-value wines under $20 a bottle with exceptional extras.

What We Love: This is a truly unique wine club with a bonus bottle on sign-up and a focus on Natural Wine (organic/biodynamic) that travels the world hunting for your next wine deal.

Could Be Better: Nothing. We're pretty stoked about these guys.

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Tasting Room by Lot18
by Lot18
All-Around Rating:

Limited Time Offer
Get a $40 tasting kit for just $6.95 when you sign up today. No coupon needed.

Overview: A personalized wine program powered by the innovative technology and impressive teams from Tasting Room and Lot18. Our new favorite wine club.

What We Love: Everything? No seriously, we love that they found a way to distinguish themselves from the other "personalized wine clubs" out there. We love the pricing, we love the delivery model, and we're pretty sure we're going to love the wines... since they're picked just for us.

Could Be Better: Make a gift option! We used to love to give the sampler + two bottle Tasting Room gift and would happily give this program instead.

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Rose Wine Club
by Invino
All-Around Rating:

inClub by Invino is the most customizable wine club on the market. Some wine clubs let you customize the number of shipments and the color of your wine, some let you pick a favorite varietal or region, some let you pick your own wine from a pre-set selection—but inClub lets you pick any varietal from any region, and any combination thereof you can imagine.

inClub comes in a variety of standard options like Everyday Wines which sends your favorite varietals and regions for around $15 a bottle (shipping included), or their French Wine Club which sends wines from all over France at whatever price-point and frequency you want. But summer is coming and we want Rosé—the hottest grape around!

If you haven't been following the rosé craze, let's catch you up quickly. 1) Rosé originally comes from Provence (southern France) and their trademark pale pink rosé is still considered the pinnacle of pink wine. 2) Wineries from all over the world have figured out that Rosé is a great way to turn red wine grapes into summer sippers. Fruity and dry, these are not to be confused with "White Zinfandel" or "Pink Zinfandel," these are high-quality wines made like white wines but with red grapes, they just leave the skin on for a day to get a little color and extra body in there.

If you love rosé, this is the ONLY rosé wine club on the market today. And the best part is, when the season wears on and you're starting to dream of the perfect Pinot Noir for your Fall evenings by the fire pit, updating your preferences is just a few clicks away on their website, where you can manage every aspect of your subscription without ever picking up the phone.

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