Best Red Wine Clubs

Best Red Wine Clubs

The Top 5 red wine of the month clubs

Last updated: November 17, 2014

Choosing a red wine club, particularly the best one, can be a daunting task. There are literally hundreds of red wine clubs, some feature only red, some just French or California reds, some just one grape or only red blends, not to mention all of the different price-points offered!

The great news is, we've got your back. That, and most wine clubs offer “red wine only” options for you lovers of full-bodied wines. We use the same assiduous selection criteria for picking the best red wine of the month clubs as we do for all of our top wine club lists—so shopping this list almost guarantees you'll enjoy your wine membership.

Buying for someone else? See our Best Red Wine Clubs for Gifts list, too. Interested in a specific grape? Check this page for all of our single-varietal wine clubs.

We get free samples, but we don't work for wine—we get paid when you join a wine club through our site. Our opinions are always our own.

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Plonk Wine Club has been one of our favorite wine clubs for years. Etty goes out of her way to procure excellent, interesting, and, where possible, biodynamic wines to delight her customers. As a serious foodie, she also has chef-paired recipes for each selection, and a recommended cheese pairing, too. Count on premium customer service every time, and very reasonable prices for the significant quality.

Four bottles not the right number? Plonk also comes in 2-bottle and 12-bottle versions.

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Tasting Room by Lot18
by Lot18
All-Around Rating:

Limited Time Offer
Take a 30-second wine survey and save $30 on the wine tasting kit today! Your first personalized case will be 50% off the normal price.

Personalized wine clubs are all the rage these days, and this wine club leads the charge. Get a sample pack of wines in the mail, get your personalized WinePrint™, and get drinkin'. Don't forget to rate your shipments so they can do a better job picking the right red wines for you in the future. While the red wines in this club aren't top-of-the-line, Lot18 is delivering solid value in a convenient and personalized package. We like that in a wine club.

Savings alert! Your sampler is free, and your first shipment is half-off when you order through No coupon code needed.

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inClub Everyday
by Invino
All-Around Rating:

It's hard not to love a wine club that lets you design our own club but doesn't make you pick the wines. Why stop at "red only"? Pick your favorite varietals, your favorite wine regions, your price, and your quantity. We love Invino's business model (they're a flash sale site) and when you apply already excellent value to a loyalty subscription model like inClub, you get unsurpassed value.

inClub comes in three flavors: Everyday, Upscale, and Special Occasion. Change your level and monthly fee at any time.

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When it comes to red wine clubs, one that delivers boutique hand-crafted wines has to be on the list of best red wine clubs. So here it is. The word Garagiste refers to tiny-production winemakers (or wineries) and the new Garagiste Series from Gold Medal Wine Club is delivering exceptional selections representing them. We recommend this for yourself instead of as a gift because some of these selections should be laid down for a period of time—and it's not much of a gift if you can't drink it right away!

Hot Tip: Gold Medal Wine Club has a rewards program and offers member reorder discounts even further below their already-discount wine club prices. Stock up!

Want something you can always drink right away? Try their Pinot Noir Series or their very popular Gold Series.

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There are only a few elite-level wine clubs out there, and finding ones focused on just California wines is rare, so if you love fine California red wine, this club is sure to knock your socks off. The Signature Series is #1 on our Editor's Picks list for a reason—you can't do better than this.

Looking for something more affordable? The California Wine Club's Premier Series is an outstanding wine club value and you even get bonus gifts when you check out with coupon code 95GIFTS.

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