Editor's Picks

The 5 Wine Clubs We'd Most Likely Join

  1. #1 Signature Series Wine Club
  2. #2 Pinot Noir Series Wine Club
  3. #3 Plonk Mixed Wine Club
  4. #4 Champagne Club

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Last updated: March 6, 2016

We've sampled shipments from nearly every wine club on our site, and even from many wine clubs that aren't working with us any longer. We get these shipments for free, so there's really never a reason for us to join a wine club. That said, some incredible wine clubs come across our desks. If were going to buy a wine club, for ourselves or as a gift, it would be one of these five.

We chose a wine club for each type of wine we drink throughout the week, making sure we always have something on hand that we can't wait to open. Across all levels, these are our definitive Editor's Picks for best wine clubs.

Note: This list is different than our other Best Wine Clubs which take into account general consumer preferences, our reader's favorite wine clubs, and those we think deliver the most value. We're not really average wine drinkers around here anymore, so this list is reflective our personal tastes.

Ships to

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    Giving a Gift? Get three months of free shipping with any gift of three months or longer.

    For ultra-premium California wines, I can't think of a wine club I'd rather see arrive at my door. These hand-selected small-production gems represent the very finest California has to offer in collectible and drinkable wine. Stunning depth, roundness, balance, and fruit-forwardness will delight you with every sip.

    Offered monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly—so no matter how often you have a special occasion, you'll always have the perfect wine to celebrate on hand.

    * Insider's Tip! You'll save by buying a pre-paid subscription "gift" for yourself. Buy 6 shipments and save 10%, buy 12 and save 15%. Use our exclusive coupon code WCR25 and save $25 on your first month's shipment.

    Shopping Last Minute? The California Wine Club has custom gift cards you can print or email to your recipient so they have something to open on the big day.

    Read Our ReviewGo Directly to the Wine Club

  1. by Gold Medal Wine Club

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    Buy more, save more! Save 5% on 12-month gifts. No coupon needed.

    When it comes to Pinot Noir, we're pretty finicky. We have a strong preference for California Pinots, with all of the fruity, juicy, cola flavors we can get. While we go gaga for Russian River Valley Pinot Noir, we're serious sippers of Santa Barbara County (especially Santa Ynez), and Central Coast Pinots, too.

    The Gold Medal Pinot Series features only California Pinot Noir from top wineries. Every month needs a little Pinot Noir in it, so this club holds a place on this list.

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  2. by Plonk Wine Club

    Limited Time Offer
    Save $10 on any order with promo code NEWMEMBER.

    Bonus: Get a FREE double-hinged corkscrew with your first shipment. If you've never used one, you'll see why it's the best way to open a bottle of wine!

    It's no secret, we love the Plonk Wine Club. We've been big fans for years and they just recently launched a case club (12 bottles) for those of us who really can't get enough. It's the normal 4-bottle shipment but you get three each of these fun, easy-drinking and adventurous wines.

    By ordering the 12-bottle club, you save almost 20% over the 2-bottle pricing and you'll always have your favorite selections in triplicate.

    * Insider's Tip! Get a 10% discount on all reorders and a 25% discount on shipping for 12-bottle reorders.

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  3. by Henri's Reserve

    Champagne is one of life's little luxuries, it's expensive but it also brings joy to any day of the week. Treat yourself or give it as a gift, Henri's Reserve will tickle anyone's tongue with delight with small wineries from Champagne, France that don't always make it out of France.

    Offered monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly—so no matter how often you have a special occasion, you'll always have the perfect bubbly to celebrate on hand.

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