Best Mother's Day Wine Club Deals for 2017

Buying wine for Mom for Mother's Day? Great choice!

  1. #1 Gold Series Wine Club
  2. #2 Premier Wine Club
  3. #3 Bubbles & Rose Wine Club
  4. #4 Plonk Mixed Wine Club

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Last updated: May 4, 2017

Buying wine for Mother's Day is a fantastic way to say, "I love you, Mom!" We've got something special for every budget and every kind of wine lover this year. Check out our 2017 Mother's Day Deals on wine club gifts (this page) and our Mother's Day Wine Gift Guide.

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 14. So you figured out the perfect gift for Mom but you've waited to long to have it shipped in time for the big day? No worries, since wine clubs ship on a regular schedule, some of the better ones have created ways for you to give a gift on the holiday, even if the gift isn't the wine itself.

Here's what makes a great last-minute wine club gift: 1) Offer a way to notify your gift recipient directly of the joy heading their way (email or USPS) and 2) Offer a way to customize a printable gift message that you can include in a card. We're also taking into account other gifting factors when we rank the wine clubs on our best last-minute wine club gifts list.

Ships to

  1. by Gold Medal Wine Club

    Limited Time Offer
    Exclusive: Get a bonus bottle of 93pt Cabernet Sauvignon, a free artist-designed gift box, free gift bags, and a free printed gift notice on all gifts of 3 months or longer! Get this exclusive deal!

    Holiday Early Bird Special Save up to 40% when you order your holiday wine club gifts now through 11/20.

    The Gold Medal Wine Club is a perennial favorite. It's our most popular wine club and it makes a terrific gift for every type of California wine lover. Whether the recipient is a wine newbie, red-only drinker, white-only sipper, collector, or adventurer, they have a club that will bring great fun in every box.

    The 2017 Deal: Give a Gold Series gift of 3 or more shipments and Mom will get a bonus bottle of 93 pt Cabernet Sauvignon and you'll give her free gift wrapping, gift box, and a gift card, too.

    Click here to shop for Mom at Gold Medal Wine Club!

    Shopping Last Minute? The Gold Medal Wine Club has custom gift cards you can print so Mom has something to open on the big day.

    Read Our Review

    Limited Time Offer
    Bonus Gifts for You Free in your first shipment: 2 Bonus Wines and a $25 Wine Credit to use on any future order. Use promo code 2EXTRA or click this link. Until Dec. 31.

    The California Wine Club has really stepped up their game when it comes to making every shipment a delight. They've always featured great California wines at each price level, but everything else that comes with the gift makes for fun and delight. Each month's education programs are terrific, whether you're learning about oak barrels, a particular wine region, or perfect food pairings. Lately little bonuses make it even more special, like a packet of wildflower seeds, a set of wine country gift cards, and some other trinkets, too.

    This year, they've found two ways for you to give your Mom the Mother's Day gift she deserves.

    Option 1: Mom Get's a Bonus Month Mother's Day Special! Give a 3-month or longer Premier Series subscription and get an extra month free

    Option 2: Save Money for YourselfAll wine club gifts are currently 15% off. This is a great time to buy a longer gift or a more expensive subscription (Pacific Northwest, Signature Series, and Aged Cabernet Series) if you're feeling generous! Save 15% on a wine gift for Mom!

    Shopping Last Minute? The California Wine Club has custom gift cards you can print or email so Mom has something to open on the big day.

    Click here to shop for Mom at The California Wine Club!

    Read Our ReviewGo Directly to the Wine Club

  2. by Vinley Market

    Limited Time Offer
    New customers save 10% on their first order with coupon code WCR2017

    Overview: Sometimes you want bubbly, sometimes you want rosé, and with this club you can get both. There aren't many sparkling wine clubs and this is the only wine club we know of that promises rosé in every shipment.

    What We Love: A very female-focused brand. The wine industry is dominated by men and men predominantly start companies... this is a business that from the ground up is thinking about how women want to interact with their wine clubs. Which is great, because women represent 70% of buyers in the U.S.

    Could Be Better: As wine clubs go, the options are pretty limited. They only offer monthly shipments and 2-bottle packages.

    Read Our ReviewGo Directly to the Wine Club

  3. by Plonk Wine Club

    Limited Time Offer
    Save $10 on any order with promo code NEWMEMBER.

    Bonus: Get a FREE double-hinged corkscrew with your first shipment. If you've never used one, you'll see why it's the best way to open a bottle of wine!

    New! Vinley Market is brand new on our website and we can't think of a better time fo year to promote their Bubbles & Rosé wine club that for Mother's Day! (Okay, well, Valentine's Day would be a great choice, too.)

    Aside from the two trendiest forms of wine — anything with bubbles and anything pink — the Vinley Market wine club shipments also come in beautiful feminine boxes and are accompanied by lovely stationery (another thing women love).

    The Deal In addition to looking like a champ for Mom, you can save 10% on your first order with promo code WCR2017 at checkout. It's a win-win!

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