Best Value Wine Clubs

Best Value Wine Clubs

Last updated: October 8, 2019

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There's a persistent rumor among wine critics that wine clubs ship "bulk wine" made from inferior grapes with inferior winemaking techniques. We've reviewed several hundred wine club shipments from dozens of companies and we find that's actually very rarely the case (and we let you know when it is).

We define the best wine club values as those which deliver wine priced significantly below retail (for any level of wine) or wines that seem underpriced, whether it's because of their wine region, their winemaking, or their actual taste. We consider the quality-to-price ratio of every wine we received, and that's what fuels the decision to put a wine club on this list.

When you really want to push for more value, look carefully at the pricing structure of the club you want. Many wine clubs give you better and better prices (for the same wine) when you're a volume buyer. For a wine club, volume-buying might be 12-bottle shipments (get them quarterly if that's too much every month) or smaller shipments but pre-paid for a high number of months (6 or more usually breaks into discount territory). In addition to saving on wine on volume, the shipments can be delivered for less per bottle when they're larger, so larger shipments save on delivery fees, too.

This list focused specifically on value and not on affordability. Our Best Affordable Wine Clubs list is very popular and focuses on wine delivered under $15 per bottle, but this page is designed for people who want to get great value out of their wine budget while drinking what the industry called "ultra premium" wines. (Learn more about this industry term here).

The Best Value Wine of the Month Clubs


All-Around Rating:

For You Save $50 on your first 6-bottle case, just $49.99. Voucher code is already entered. Click for This Deal.

For You Save $100 on your first 12-bottle case, just $79.99. Voucher code is already entered. Click for This Deal. isn't a new wine club, but we've only recently formally reviewed them. And we're sorry we waited. We were absolutely impressed with the 6-bottle introductory shipment we received. Before we get into that, it's important to know that isn't exactly a regular wine club, it's more of a wine-buying membership where your membership fees go toward your wine purchases and any unspent funds are fully refundable.

We wax poetic on the wine selection in our full review, but the selection itself isn't where the value comes in. The value in is infused at every step of the process and in the end, this equals unprecedented value (and simplicity) for you as the wine drinker. Here's how they get so much value into their wine.

How they source the wine. Instead of waiting until someone else has grown the grapes, made the wine, bottled and labeled it, and is now ready to sell it at market, starts at the very beginning — with the winemaker. They find independent winemakers who propose wines they'd like to make for the "Angels" (customers) and tell how much they expect to earn. If greenlights the project, all of the markups are worked out before they receive a single bottle.

How they price the wine. We see a lot of game-playing in how wine clubs "discount" the wine they sell. Some are legitimately offering customers valuable discounts below retail (they're on this list), but others don't., from the wines we sampled, does an excellent job of pricing what a similar wine would cost if was produced and sold in the traditional manner, and then slashing those prices for their customers. Since you can purchase wine from without being an Angel (but why would you?), they are legitimately selling these wines at these prices. Sometimes even their regular prices are too generous.

Cutting out the middleman. is well-known for their adds extolling the virtue of cutting out the middleman. We think they oversimplify this a bit, BUT, they do increase your value by sourcing wine this way. The wine clubs that are best this, including, have some hand in the production of the wine itself — otherwise they couldn't legally squeeze out the distributor (the dreaded man in the middle).

Your money back. No wine club gets a great rating from us without offering a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee, we think it's one of the top reasons to join a wine club in the first place. Additionally, any unspent Angel deposits you make are fully refundable, so if you change your mind later, you're not out the money you put it in. If that's not "we stand behind our product" value, we don't know what is.

2. 90+ Wine Club

by Wired For Wine ®
All-Around Rating:

This is one of, in our opinions, the most under-appreciated wine clubs on our website. It's one of only five wine clubs that have a full 6 stars and it appears on several of our Best Wine Clubs lists.

Wired For Wine ® is a wine retailer offering an eclectic international selection of wines that are rated at least 90 points by a wine critic and below the retail price. They're quarterly wine club collects twelve of these bottles and delivers them to your door. There are a few things that, in our minds, are very special about this wine club:

Awesome Value from Quality comes from only working with exceptional wines s. The wines are curated based on wine critics' ratings and how much the owners of the company want to drink the wine (a foodie-friendly selection).

Awesome Value from Pricing starts with selling their curated selection well below the wine's retail price, includes shipping on 12 bottles, and competes with big name wine clubs at the exact same price but with significantly better wine.

Awesome Value from a Satisfaction Guarantee means if you don't like a wine, they'll get you something else at no extra cost. They want you to love the wines you get and they stand behind their wine selection prowess.

3. WINC Wine Club

All-Around Rating:

Exclusive Deal For You Join today and save $25 on your first Winc box. Free shipping on orders of 4 or more bottles. Click for This Deal.

Winc has long been one of our favorite wine clubs, particularly because they're constantly reengineering their company to produce more and more value for their customers at just $13 per bottle (or less if you take advantage of all of their deals).

Where does all of the value come from? Well, they're punching above their weight, so to speak. The biggest change they made was when they switched from purchasing existing wines for resale to producing their own. Cutting out the middleman is a time-honored method for reducing costs and the wine industry is rife with middlemen.

Not satisfied with just reducing their production costs, they've reduced their fuel costs (transporting wine to their warehouse in bladders instead of barrels or bottles), they don't use capsules (the little plastic or foil cork cover which is only there for show), and they reduce their cost of customer acquisition by keeping their existing customers extremely happy with great wine and great deals.

Our favorite way to stretch your wine value with Winc? After you sign up (and see what all the fuss is about) you can pre-buy credits at up to 20% off. Then, start buying your wine 12 bottles at a time (you can skip a month or two online if you haven't finished all that yummy goodness) and save another 10% on every shipment. Now that's value!

Note: We love Winc as a gift, but you should know that when you give Winc the recipient will be asked to take a quiz about their preferences. Not everyone wants their recipients to "do so much work," but we think it's fun! Winc gift subscriptions are given as gift cards in fixed amounts beginning with $60.

4. Case Club

by The California Wine Club
All-Around Rating:

The California Wine Club, while always a good value for boutique California wines, has really gone out of their way to demonstrate outstanding value in this Case Club Series. Normally you pay around $27 per bottle to have their terrific California wine delivered on a monthly basis ($53.95 for two bottles). We knew that it would be even better to buy those terrific wines by the case and be rewarded for being a volume purchaser, so we begged The California Wine Club to create a case club... and did they ever!

At 48% below their normal prices, you can now get 12 bottles delivered monthly, every other month, or quarterly for just $14.17 per bottle! This is the exact same price as other widely-published case wine clubs, but the wine quality is leaps and bounds above what you'll find in those other clubs. In addition to the boutique California selections, each shipment also contains 1-4 wines from their other wine clubs — Pacific Northwest and International Series — so you can discover wines from all over the world, too.

As if their value pricing wasn't enough, The California Wine Club still offers their full complement of great customer-centric services to their Case Club Series members: personal wine consultants available any time and a Love It guarantee which replaces any bottle you're not satisfied with.

Note: The Case Club is not set up for gifting. If you're looking to give a monthly wine gift, try this best wine club gifts list instead.

5. 90+ Cellars Wine Club

by Ninety Plus Cellars
All-Around Rating:

90+ Cellars excels at delivering wine value because, like others on this list, they cut out the middleman. As a modern-day n?gociant, they are the producer (winery, vintner, whatever you'd like to call it) and they are selling their wine directly to you as a customer. This keeps the cost of their wine closer to what a distributor/wholesaler would pay, undoubtedly increasing the value of what's in the bottle.

90+ Cellars isn't just cutting out the middleman, they're also looking for high-quality product they can offer to their customers. While they offer a broad price range for their wines, the wines in their subscription shipments tend to be the "value-priced" wines on the cheaper end of the scale. For someone on a budget, this wine club offers great value at competitive prices.

We think 90+ Cellars also offers great value in how they pick the wines they do sell. They always pick the best grape varieties from their best regions — think Barolo from Piedmont, Ros? from Provence, and Chardonnay from the Russian River Valley in California. These wines always taste like what they're supposed to, which is a hallmark of good quality wine, and cost less than what you'd expect them to.

Want even more value? Shipping is free for members and you get 15% off any wine you purchase from them outside of your quarterly shipments. Save 5% on 6-bottle memberships and 10% on 12-bottle memberships.

6. Firstleaf Club

All-Around Rating:

For You Join today and save $40 on your first personalized shipment of wine. Shipping is included. Click for This Deal.

Overview: An affordably-priced personalized wine club that learns what you like as you receive, drink, and rate six bottle shipments. International, domestic, and award-winning wine from a thoroughly modern wine subscription box service.

What We Love: Compared with other wine subscriptions in this price category, we think Firstleaf has nailed ease-of-use, presentation, and offers reasonably-interesting wines. We also really like that they identify the body, acidity, sweetness, fruitiness, and tannin level for each wine they sell. You can review the wine before it is shipped and swap out wines that have characteristics you don't like.

Wine Club Gift Info: Since Firstleaf is a personalized wine subscription, gifts are given as electronic gift cards. This gives the recipient the chance to customize the wine selection, as they're meant to do. Gift cards are issued in denominations of $25-200. We recommend at least $100 to make sure he or she doesn't have to pay for any part of the first box.

7. Gold Wine Club

by Gold Medal Wine Club
All-Around Rating:

Exclusive Deal For Gifts Give a wine club gift of 3 months or longer and get a bonus bottle of wine, a free artist-designed gift box, free gift bags, and a free printed gift notice. Click for This Deal.

Overview: California is home to some of the world's best wine regions and wineries, many of which are boutique wineries. A boutique winery is typically a small-family operation with limited distribution beyond their tasting room. This wine of the month club is a great way to get introduced to what California wine has to offer at reasonable prices and it makes an excellent gift.

What We Love: Consistency. We've been receiving their shipments for years and we've never had a wine we didn't like. You can't really ask for more than that from a wine club.

Wine Club Gift Info: Gold Medal always offers beautiful gift packaging, but you usually need to order a whole year's worth of wine to get it free. Our readers get an exclusive deal on their premium gift package, included with any Gold Series gift of 3-months or longer. Your wine lover will also get a bonus bottle of red wine in their first shipment.

8. Mixed Wine Club

by Plonk Wine Club
All-Around Rating:

For You & For Gifts Save $10 on any order and get a free double-hinged corkscrew with your first shipment. Use code NEWMEMBER at checkout.

Overview: The Plonk wine club has always been among our favorites because of the proprietor's preference for quirky but delectable wines. Etty Lewensztain sources interesting wines made from grapes and regions you've never heard of (and some you have). Whether you choose four or twelve bottles you'll be glad you picked Plonk.

What We Love: Lately we've come to think of Plonk as the "Somm club" that isn't run by a sommelier. With a focus on wines under $30 that will delight any curious wine drinker, we think the value is top notch. Also, unlike most wine clubs, if you're thinking of going red-only or white-only, you'll actually get four different selections (three of each if you upgrade to 12 bottles).

9. Adventurer's Wine Box

by Vinley Market
All-Around Rating:

Overview: The Adventurer's Wine Box implies you never know what you're going to get, but you can bet since it's coming from Vinley Market it's probably going to be pretty good. Great wine value delivered monthly.

What We Love: They don't make a big deal out of it, but the wines selected for this subscription are handpicked by a sommelier who loves the taste and the value of every bottle. And it shows.

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