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Last updated: September 12, 2018

Choosing a white wine club, or even the best white wine club, can be a daunting task. There are literally hundreds of white wine clubs, some feature all white wines, some just California or Sweet whites, some single-varietal and some sparkling, not to mention all of the different price-points offered.

The great news is, most wine clubs offer "white wine only" options for you lovers of more light-bodied, bright wines. We use the same assiduous selection criteria for picking the best white wine of the month clubs as we do for all of our top wine club lists — so you know if you're shopping this list, you'll enjoy your wine subscription.

Buying for someone else? See our Best White Wine Clubs for Gifts list, too. Interested in a specific varietal? Check this page for all of our single-varietal wine clubs.


WINC Wine Club

Limited Time Offer
Save $25 on your first Winc box (up to 50% off) when you use our links. No code needed.

Winc (previously known as Club W) appears high on many of our Best lists and we're happy to see it stay #1 on our Best White Wine Clubs list month after month. Why? Because it really is the best white wine club for most wine drinkers. Here's how our thinking goes:

White Wine Quality: We find the white wines at Winc to generally be of much better quality than comparably priced white wines at grocery stores, wholesale stores, and fine wine stores across the country. When we talk about quality we're thinking of the balance of body, acidity, tannins, and fruit. We're thinking about whether or not the wine tastes like the grapes it says are in it.

White Wine Selection: While you can rely on Winc's algorithm to select white wines for your palate, you can also hand pick every bottle in every box you receive. Winc's wine represents a broad spectrum of wine regions, grape varieties, blends, and styles, with a heavy focus on California. While 60% of Winc's wine selection is priced at $13, they offer a number of interesting premium wines priced $14-35 which increase in quality as the prices go up, always maintaining a high quality-to-price ratio. These prices are a members-only discount below their normal retail prices.

Loyalty Customer Discounts: In addition to members-only pricing, Winc gives you ample opportunity to increase your value by saving more money. Load your monthly box with four or more bottles, get free shipping — load it with 12 and save 10%. Rate 10 wines, get $10 in credits. Really love Winc? Buy your credits in advance and save up to 20%.

Gift info: We have heard from some customers that they don't want their recipients to have to do any work. We don't think picking out your own wines online is work, and if you agree, Winc makes a super great gift for wine lovers. Gifts are sold as gift cards in fixed increments starting at $60. Also, the first shipment includes a beautiful "book" with in-depth wine tasting notes and more, which makes for a fun read while they're sipping on their gift.

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White Wine Club
by Plonk Wine Club

Limited Time Offer
Save $10 on any order with promo code NEWMEMBER. Bonus: Get a FREE double-hinged corkscrew with your first shipment. If you've never used one, you'll see why it's the best way to open a bottle of wine!

Plonk Wine Club has been one of our favorite wine clubs for years. Their proprietor and wine buyer, Etty, goes out of her way to procure excellent, interesting, and, where possible, biodynamic white wines to delight her customers. As a serious foodie, she also has chef-paired recipes for each selection. Among other great white wine clubs, Plonk makes it to this best white wine clubs list not just because of it's price and awesome wine, but because if you sign up for an all white wine subscription, you actually get four different white wines! (Several of their competitors simply send two of the same white wine.)

White Wine Selection: Here at we have what we like to call "curious palates." We always want to try unique white wines and we sometimes get bored with the selection of wines available through grocery stores. Plonk is the perfect wine club for people like us. A recent selection included a Posip (white) from Croatia, a Zefir (white) from Hungary, a Rhone-style white blend from Morocco, and a white blend from Bordeaux. Plonk's White Wine Club is available in 4- and 12-bottle shipments. If you select the 12-bottle shipments you'll get three each of four different white wines.

White Wine Quality: Plonk only works with high-quality white wines. It's a point of pride for Etty to select the best white wines around the world that retail for less than $30, and then bring those beautiful wines to a market who would otherwise never see them. Each wine is distinctive, balanced, and shows "typicity" (which means it tastes like the grapes it says are on the bottle). Each wine also has character, creating enjoyment and adventure in every sip.

White Wine Price: Plonk, despite its name, does not offer cheap wine, so you can't get it at cheap prices, but it's really quite affordable for the amazing selection of wine you receive. Their 4-bottle white wine club (recommended) is $94.99 per shipment ($23.75 per bottle), with free shipping. You can get that down to almost $20 per bottle if you join the 12-bottle club. Bonus! Save $10 on your first order with promo code NEWMEMBER and get a free double-jointed corkscrew in your first shipment — our favorite corkscrew, and we've got dozens.

Gift info: Plonk doesn't place a heavy emphasis on gifting. They offer gift shipments, pre-paid like most other wine clubs, but there isn't any gift wrap or pomp and circumstance around their shipments. You can create an email gift announcement or print a customized gift announcement to give on the big day.

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Wine by the Glass Club
by VineBox

VineBox is the first of its kind, a wine by the glass club. We love the wines that get delivered from VineBox and think it's the perfect way to enjoy white wine if any of the following apply to you: You typically only drink a glass a time, you are counting calories but still want a little indulgence without wasting a whole bottle, your weeknight policy is to cut back on alcohol, you wish you had more time to go wine tasting, or you want to expand your wine preferences and knowledge. It also makes a terrific gift.

White Wine Selection: Not content to merely develop a new technology to transfer any old wine into convenient and sleek single-serving pours, their sommelier excels at choosing interesting white wines, primarily from lesser known wine regions in Europe's biggest wine producing-countries —¬†France, Italy, and Spain.

Love a white wine you tasted? You can purchase more glasses and (sometimes) full-size bottles from VineBox through your membership page.

White Wine Prices: VineBox's wine subscription doesn't make it easy to do a cost comparison as it would be if it were a regular wine subscription. Their new format means you're getting a little over a bottle of wine in each shipment (900 ml vs 750 ml which is a standard wine bottle). The wines themselves sell between $30-60 a bottle. You're definitely paying a premium, but what you get for that premium makes up for it: wine tasting at home, sommelier-selected wines, excellent packaging, and in the case of the new format, wine education good enough for sommeliers.

Gift info: For certain kinds of wine drinkers, VineBox is one of the coolest red white gifts you can give. Anyone with a curious palate who likes to try new wines will love this gift. It's also available as a red wine only and mixed wine wine gift subscription.

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Limited Time Offer
Introductory Offer Your first six-bottle case is just $49.98 or your first 12-bottle case is just $89.88. Shipping is included.

Martha Stewart is in the wine business. As the world's best-known consummate host, it doesn't come as a big shock that she'd want to put her stamp on how to drink and serve wine, too — her slogan is "Pour the right wine. Enjoy the right wine." The Martha Stewart Wine Company is a partnership between a large wine club provider and her brand, and together they're bringing great Martha-approved wine deals to the market, in the form of regular wine sales and a wine club membership.

White Wine Selection: The Martha-curated selection is a good mix of new and old world wine regions. These are not boutique wines as they are most definitely made at medium- to large-scale wineries, but they're typically produced by real wineries, as opposed to bulk juice. We determined this when we watched a fun video of Martha at the VinExpo in New York City last year where she met with the various producers.

White Wine Quality: As is the case with most wine clubs in this price range, we're bigger fans of the white wine than the red. In this case, we think the white wines are strong enough to put this wine club on our list of the best white wine clubs (it also appears on our Best Affordable wine clubs list). For the most part we see balanced, enjoyable white wines with some typicity in the European selections, less so in the North American selections.

White Wine Price: Martha's wine club is value-priced, meaning the wines cost less than $15 per bottle delivered. We think the wines are fairly priced, some are better bargains than others. Their half-off introductory offer makes this white wine club a great deal, and if you don't like the wines in your first shipment, you can always cancel.

The Half Case Club is six bottles of wine delivered every six weeks (perfect for people who drink roughly one bottle a week or just want to supplement their current wine-buying habits). Regular shipments cost $87.99 each, including shipping, and they have a terrific introductory offer of 45% off — just $49.99 for the first shipment of six bottles.

The Case Wine Club is 12 bottles of wine delivered every eight weeks (perfect for people who drink a little more than one bottle a week or just want to supplement their current wine-buying habits). Regular shipments cost $159.98 each, including shipping, and they have a terrific introductory offer of 45% off — just $89.88 for the first shipment of 12 bottles.

Gift info: Martha's name and brand carry a certain cache, and as such, we think the Martha Stewart White Wine Club makes a terrific gift for anyone who's a fan of Martha and white wine. Choose a "year of wine" with three 6-bottle shipments every 17 weeks ($225) or 4 6-bottle shipments every 13 weeks ($280).

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Light & Sweet Wine Club
by Vinesse

The Light & Sweet Wine Club is a white wine club focused on fruitier, sweeter (not dessert sweet) wines that are typically very food-friendly (especially for spicy food and vegetables). Of all of the wine clubs offered by Vinesse, this is one of our favorites for consistency and because we love niche wine clubs — we think everyone should drink what they love.

White Wine Selection: If you were going to pick a single grape variety to hold up as representative of this sweeter white wine club, it would be Moscato. This isn't a Moscato wine club, but it's perfect for people who love this grape which can be made into a range of wines from dry to dessert. What's great about this white wine club is that introduces Moscato lovers to other grapes they'll enjoy, too: Gewurtztraminer, Riesling, sweeter Chenin Blanc, fruitier Sauvignon Blanc.

White Wine Quality & Price: Of all of Vinesse's wine subscriptions, we think the Light & Sweet club offers up the highest quality wines in the $15-17 price range. We think there are various market forces at work making this possible, but either way you're getting great value from this white wine club.

Gift Info: Vinesse does off this subscription as a pre-paid gift. You can order two, three, or four shipments of two, six, or 12 bottles. Gift-giving isn't a big focus for their business, so your gift presentation is limited to a custom gift note in the box (no gift wrap, no downloadable gift message to present on the big day). That said, for someone who loves these kinds of wines, it's an awesome gift.

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