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Last updated: September 12, 2018

This list of best white wine club gifts has been curated by a white wine lover... specifically, an ABC white wine lover. ABC is code for “Anything but Chardonnay,” and while I like a nice unoaked Chardonnay on occasion, there is so much more to white wine drinking than the most planted grape on the planet.

These white wine club gifts offer your recipient a chance to discover the best white wines from around the world, rare and unusual varietals — especially if he or she shops for wine primarily at a large chain store where there isn't enough demand to keep unusual wines on the shelf. There are so many wonderful white wines to try that these white wine clubs may be best way to find them.


WINC Wine Club

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Winc is one of our favorite wine clubs when buying for yourself, but it also makes a terrific gift. Unlike other wine clubs where the wines are always pre-selected by the club, Winc members can choose their own wines if they want to. This option is great for wine drinkers who want to discover new grapes and new regions.

About the Wine: Winc (formerly known as Club W) used to purchase wines at deep discounts to sell through their wine club, but for quite a while now they?ve been producing their own wine instead. Most of their production is California wine but they offer interesting selections from other areas around the world, too. Roughly 60% of their wines are priced at $13 a bottle (for members) and they offer a variety of wines from $14-40 per bottle. Heavily focused on California wine, the $13 selections are primarily sourced from grapes grown in Santa Barbara, Lodi, and Paso Robles. The more expensive selections are often sourced from Napa and Sonoma counties.

About the Gift: When you give a gift of Winc, you purchase credits, like a digital gift card, that they'll redeem when it's convenient for them. You can buy gift credits in $50 increments, ranging from $60 (a one-time gift which includes shipping and sales tax) to $600 which is a whole year of wine, shipping included. To announce your gift, you can choose between a few options: A beautiful note delivered via FedEx for $6, a note you can print at home and put in a card, or an email announcement which goes out immediately when you order.

Insider Tip: We love Winc and we especially love their white wine selection. When you give this gift you won?t specify the wine type, but they?ll ask your wine lover about their preferences when the gift is redeemed. It?s even a great wine gift for wine drinkers who prefer their wine on the sweeter side of the spectrum.

Shopping Last Minute? No problem. The download and print or email gift announcement options means you?re covered even the same day you?re giving the gift.

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White Wine Club
by Plonk Wine Club

Plonk Wine Club has been one of our favorite wine clubs for years. Their proprietor and wine buyer, Etty, goes out of her way to procure excellent, interesting, and, where possible, biodynamic wines to delight her customers. As a serious foodie, she also has chef-paired recipes for each selection.

About the Wine: Plonk only works with high-quality wines, it's a point of pride for Etty to select the best wines around the world that retail for less than $30, and then bring those beautiful wines to a market who would otherwise never see them, month after month, year after year. Each wine is distinctive, balanced, and shows "typicity" (which means it tastes like the grapes it says are on the bottle). Each wine also has character, creating enjoyment and adventure in every sip. Despite its name, Plonk does not offer cheap wine, but it's really quite affordable for the amazing selection of wine they send.

About the Gift: Plonk makes a great wine club gift for any wine lover, but especially for more experienced wine drinkers who want to discover new regions and varietals. The one major drawback is that they don?t gift wrap the bottles.

Shopping Last Minute? You can customize a gift announcement with a personal greeting, and choose delivery via email to your recipient (immediately upon purchase), or to yourself so you can print it out and present it in person.

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The International Wine of the Month Club has been sending out monthly gifts to happy customers since 1994. They do a good job at selecting wines that will appeal to most wine drinkers. The Premier Series is their ?entry level? wine of the month club and it makes a great gift for people who prefer white wine but aren't super picky about the grape or the region.

About the Wine: Unlike some leading wine of the month clubs, when you give a white wine club from the International Wine of the Month Club, they?ll get two different white wines each month. We think this is preferable to two of the same, especially in a gift. There?s also a terrific variety of wine shipped in this gift subscription: Riesling from New Zealand, Cava from Spain, Torrontes from Chile, Chardonnay from Australia, and an occasional rose, too!

About the Gift: They offer unprecedented options for how many shipments you want, how frequently you want them, and they even let you pick which month the shipment should arrive in, in case you're super pro-active and want to order ahead. You can also choose what color wine you want. Gifts arrive with the bottles wrapped in organza bags and are presented with The International Wine Club's educational materials, Cellar Notes.

Insider Tip: Monthly Clubs offers a very cool Design Your Own Club program where you can mix and match Wine, Beer, Cheese, Chocolate, Cigars, and Flowers in your monthly gift (or for yourself). Another great way to use this Design-Your-Own club is to customize a wine club membership. Imagine you?re giving a 6-month subscription, but one of those months includes your favorite wine lover?s birthday — you can upgrade that month to their Collector?s Series for a special treat.

Shopping Last Minute? When you check out at Monthly Clubs, you'll be given an option to email a gift announcement (either immediately or on a specific day) and you can also choose to download a gift notice to print yourself.

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Wine by the Glass Club
by VineBox

VineBox is the first of its kind, a wine by the glass club. We love the wines that get delivered from VineBox and think it makes a terrific white wine gift.

White Wine Drinkers to Buy This For: It's the perfect way to enjoy white wine if any of the following apply to your wine lover: They typically only drink a glass a time, they are counting calories but still want a little indulgence without wasting a whole bottle, their weeknight policy is to cut back on alcohol, they wish they had more time to go wine tasting, or they want to expand their wine preferences and knowledge.

White Wine Selection: Not content to merely develop a new technology to transfer any old wine into convenient and sleek single-serving pours, their sommelier excels at choosing interesting white wines, primarily from lesser known wine regions in Europe's biggest wine producing-countries —¬†France, Italy, and Spain.

White Wine Gift Info: For certain kinds of wine drinkers, VineBox is one of the coolest white wine gifts you can give. Anyone with a curious palate who likes to try new wines will love this gift. It's also available as a red wine only and mixed wine wine gift subscription.

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Martha Stewart is in the wine business. As the world's best-known consummate host, it doesn't come as a big shock that she'd want to put her stamp on how to drink and serve wine, too — her slogan is "Pour the right wine. Enjoy the right wine." The Martha Stewart Wine Company is a partnership between a large wine club provider and her brand, and together they're bringing great Martha-approved wine deals to the market, in the form of regular wine sales and a wine club membership.

White Wine Selection: The Martha-curated selection is a good mix of new and old world wine regions. These are not boutique wines as they are most definitely made at medium- to large-scale wineries, but they're typically produced by real wineries, as opposed to bulk juice. We determined this when we watched a fun video of Martha at the VinExpo in New York City last year where she met with the various producers.

Gift info: Martha's name and brand carry a certain cache, and as such, we think the Martha Stewart White Wine Club makes a terrific gift for anyone who's a fan of Martha and white wine. Choose a "year of wine" with three 6-bottle shipments every 17 weeks ($225) or 4 6-bottle shipments every 13 weeks ($280).

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