Best Wine of the Month Clubs

Best Wine of the Month Clubs

Compare the best monthly wine clubs

Last updated: October 18, 2016

This Best Wine of the Month Clubs list is a combination of our customer favorites, clubs that are top-rated rated by our experts, and those offering a satisfaction guarantee.

We check up on our wine of the month clubs often (every four to six weeks) to ensure they are worthy of staying on this list—we receive and taste monthly shipments, we check their policies, and we check to be sure our customers are still picking them amongst the many wine of the month clubs available. Still, this list rarely changes because only the best clubs make the list in the first place.

Find the best wine of the month club to join here, or on our other lists of top-rated wine of the month clubs.

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  1. WINC Wine Club
  2. by WINC
    All-Around Rating:

    Limited Time Offer Exclusive - Best Winc Deal!
    Get $25 in credits toward your first shipment when you use our links to join Winc for yourself!

    Winc (formerly known as Club W) isn't just a pretty face, there's real substance in what they're offering their members. Winc (as Club W) was an early player in the personalized monthly wine club market and they continue to lead by innovating in every aspect of their business, not just in giving you a choice of what to buy each month.

    Don't believe us? They shipped 3.5 million bottles of wine last year! How did they grow so fast? They offer incredible value and truly reward their members with better and better deals. They make managing your account online as easy as it can be with reminders to pick your wines, an easy-to-use website, and shipping notifications. And of course, their boxes come with handles, keeping your hands free of delivery truck grime.

    Winc also makes a great gift. While their focus is on your monthly wine buying, the experience of a Winc membership is so fun that we recommend it as a gift. Opt for the fancy wax-sealed gift notice to really make a splash!

    Do you like $25+ reds? If you mostly drink higher-end red wine, be prepared to spend $19-25 to get red wines you'll love from Winc. Or, shop our Best Red Wine of the Month Clubs list instead.

    More to love: We love their focus on sustainability in every aspect of their supply chain and their classy one-time wine gift

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  3. Gold Series Club
  4. by Gold Medal Wine Club
    All-Around Rating:

    Limited Time Offer
    Exclusive: Get a bonus bottle of 93pt Cabernet Sauvignon, a free artist-designed gift box, free gift bags, and a free printed gift notice on all gifts of 3 months or longer! Get this exclusive deal!

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    Whatever you're looking for in a wine of the month club, Gold Medal has it. Want to discover small-to-medium sized California wineries in your living room every month? Check! Need top-notch customer service where a person always answer the phone within three rings? Check! Let's see, what else are you looking for?

    Whether you are buying a wine of the month club for yourself or looking to give the experience to someone else, the Gold Series wine of the month club is a winning choice. It's like joining all of California's winery clubs, but only the best wines are delivered and you get even better prices. This is an incredibly consistent monthly subscription offering high-quality wines you typically won't find in stores.

    Customer service is priority numero uno at Gold Medal. They can handle reshipping and rerouting of packages at no expense to the customer and they do everything they can to keep you happy.

    Shopping Last Minute? After you order from The Gold Medal Wine Club, you can create a custom gift cards to print out and give on the big day.

    Into extra premium wine? Try their killer quarterly Pinot Noir monthly club or their delectable quarterly Diamond Series club.

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    Limited Time Offer
    Buying a Gift? All Premier Series gifts of 3-months or longer come with 3-months of free shipping. Until July 1.

    Bonus Month! Give a 3-month wine gift and they'll get a 4th month free (a $53.95 value)! Until July 1

    Bonus Gifts for You Free in your first shipment: 2 Bonus Wines and a $25 Wine Credit to use on any future order. Use promo code 2EXTRA or click this link. Until Dec. 31

    When the very last thing you want from a wine of the month club is mass-produced ho-hum wines, you should take a good look at The California Wine Club. The company has spent 20 years building relationships with the families who farm the grapes and produce the wine that makes California wine legendary in the first place.

    The Premier Series is The California Wine Club's entry-level wine of the month club, but you wouldn't know it when the box arrives chock-full of tasting notes and wines that surpass your expectations. Their deep knowledge of California wine means you get access to the best of each vintage at terrific prices.

    Looking for superior service? When you join (or give) The California Wine Club, a personal wine consultant becomes available to you. These wine experts can help with pairing recipes, find you wines for your palate, and make most of your wine dreams come true. This is the P.S. on every email they send: "P.S. Yes! That's pretty much the answer we give to every request. Please let me know how we can make your experience with The California Wine Club even better!"

    Shopping Last Minute? After you order, you can print a custom gift cards to give to your lucky wino on the big day.

    Got a few extra bucks to spend? Upgrade to their quarterly Signature Series for knockout California wines.

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  5. Mixed Wine Club
  6. by Plonk Wine Club
    All-Around Rating:

    Limited Time Offer
    Save $10 on any order with promo code NEWMEMBER.

    Bonus: Get a FREE double-hinged corkscrew with your first shipment. If you've never used one, you'll see why it's the best way to open a bottle of wine!

    When you think of a wine of the month club, Plonk really fits the bill. Each month you get a highly-curated selection of interesting wines that are, when possible, biodynamic. We love that if you order all red or all white, you get 4 unique bottles each month (3 of each if you choose the "case" option). This is unusual in wine of the month clubs and adds an extra level of enjoyment for each shipment.

    Plonk Wine Club has been one of our favorite wine of the month clubs for years. The proprietor, Etty, is a major foodie (with credentials and critical acclaim). This helps her focus the monthly selections on food-friendly wines and three top-notch chef-created pairings for each wine in the box.

    Like a particular kind of grape? The new Plonk Grape Variety Clubs are a great way to learn about new wines and enjoy your favorites at the same time. Each month two bottles arrive. One is a "traditional" example of the variety and the other is a wine of an unusual variety or region with similar traits to the first wine. You'll discover all kinds of new wines to love that fit your palate.

    We've tried all three variety clubs—they come in Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc—and we're big fans of this "doppelganger" approach to wine discovery.

    Lastly, like our other top wine of the month clubs, Plonk has incredible customer service and goes way out of their way to make your wine of the month club experience excellent.

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