What are the best wine clubs in 2022?

Researching wine clubs to choose the best

The Best Wine Subscriptions

Whether you’re new to wine or new to wine subscriptions, finding the best subscriptions can be tricky. I cover all of the info you need to find the best wine subscription for you in this definitive guide.

There are only two major groups of wine subscriptions: personalized and curated.

Personalized wine clubs either use technology or human beings to match wines to your stated preferences. Curated wine clubs rely on educated wine professionals to source wine that has a point of view – palate-friendly, food-friendly, luxurious, obscure, eco-friendly, etc.

Already have a club in mind? Compare popular wine clubs side by side.

Wine club reviews by
Jessyca Frederick

Jessyca Frederick

After 13+ years trying 1000s of bottles from 100+ different wine clubs, I know what it means to be a wine club worth joining. My reviews can help you find a great wine club for you (or to give as a gift) at any budget and for any wine preference.

Feel free to ask me for a personal recommendation. I won't harvest your email address for a marketing list — I don't send marketing emails.

I research the most popular wine clubs and lesser-known subscriptions and I use this research to curate lists of the best wine of the month clubs for different types wine drinkers.

Before the researching begins, I taste the wine. I receive shipments from every wine club I review (since 2011). Not all wine club reviewers do.

How can you tell? Look for unique photos in reviews instead of just branded images from the companies mentioned. I take photos in my wine cellar (sometimes elsewhere) so you always know it’s my shipment and that I’ve actually reviewed the wine.

Best Wine Clubs

Best Wine Clubs

The best all-around wine clubs aren’t just about wine, they’re also about service, customizability, and how they stack up against other comparable wine clubs, too.

Browse my list of the best overall wine clubs to discover the next leg of your wine journey

Best Affordable Wine Clubs

Best Affordable Wine Clubs

Affordability is subjective and wine clubs priced under $20 are plentiful. Sadly not all of the inexpensive clubs qualify as "the best" (or even good enough to join).

Browse my list of the best affordable wine clubs to see which ones are worth your money

Best Wine Clubs

Best Wine Club Gifts

The features that make a wine club great are only part of the picture when you’re giving a gift — you also want to consider gift presentation, shipping costs, and more.

Browse my list of the best wine club gifts to see which ones make giving the best wine gifts easy

Best Wine Red Clubs

Best Red Wine Clubs

With the abundance of red wine drinkers in the US, there is no shortage of amazing red wine clubs to join.

Browse my list of the best red wine clubs and find your new favorite red wine

Best Wine White Clubs

Best White Wine Clubs

There aren’t enough white wine subscriptions, so if white wine is your jam, you need to be extra curious when researching which ones to join.

Browse my list of the best white wine clubs and find your new favorite white wine

Best Wine Premium Clubs

Best Premium Wine Clubs

When you spend a lot of money on your wine, you want wine to be the focus of your wine subscription — hard to find, exclusive, top-of-the-line.

Browse my list of the best premium wine clubs to see which ones earn top marks

Best Wine California Clubs

Best California Wine Clubs

If California wine is your favorite, a wine club can be like joining the wine clubs of many wineries all at once. Learn all of the AVAs and experience the variety of California wine.

Browse my list of the best California wine clubs to discover your favorite California wineries and regions

Best International Wine Clubs

Best International Wine Clubs

Grapes are grown and wine is produced on every continent. The best way to get to know the wines of the world is a discovery-oriented global subscription.

Browse my list of the best International wine clubs to unlock access to the world’s wine

Best Quarterly Case Clubs

Best Quarterly Case Clubs

The best way to buy wine is by the case when you want a great deal. You usually get a volume discount and shipping costs less per bottle when you get 12 bottles at a time.

Browse my list of the best case of wine clubs to save money on your online wine buys

What are the best wine club companies?

The best wine club companies offer a mix of fairly-priced wine, convenience, a satisfaction guarantee, and some kind of additional value. The added value can come from different perspectives but often include: offering hard-to-find wine, useful information about the wine and how it was produced, and other services like a personal wine consultant to help with all of your wine needs, not just your membership.

What is the best wine club to join?

Everyone has different tastebuds and budgets, so "the best wine club" to join is a personal decision. But for most wine lovers, I strongly recommend joining Nakedwines.com.

In addition to supporting independent winemakers, you’ll discover grape varieties and wine regions you may not be familiar with, you’ll decide your wine budget and when you get your wine, and you’ll get a money-back guarantee — something truly unique in the world of buying wine.

What is the best value wine club?

The "best value" wine club offers the most high-quality wine for the lowest price. One is leaps and bounds a better value than all the rest: The Case Club from The California Wine Club.

You get 12 bottles of artisanal California wine, produced by small family wineries, at a steep discount from winery suggest retail price. In fact, The California Wine Club sells the same wine in their Premier Series (two bottles per shipment) for 50% more.

If you like to see things quantified...

The (number) next to each wine club company is the number of my best wine clubs lists on which subscriptions offered by that company appear.

  1. Wine Access (7)
  2. Gold Medal Wine Club (6)
  3. Plonk Wine Club (6)
  4. The California Wine Club (6)
  5. Firstleaf (4)
  6. Nakedwines.com (4)
  7. Wine.com (4)
  8. International Wine of the Month Club (2)
  9. SomMailier (2)
  10. Henri's Reserve (1)

How I choose the best wine clubs

My best wine of the month club lists are editorial. This means I hand pick which wine clubs go on these lists. The wine subscriptions that end up on my lists have high ratings and are purchased frequently by my readers (wine lovers like you).

My 10-point ratings system gives up to 5 stars for each wine club. The 10 points include important subscription features like a Satisfaction Guarantee, Discount Opportunities, and of course Wine Quality. I use these ratings and my industry-insider knowledge to highlight the wine clubs which provide the best service, not just the best wine.

Also, not every wine drinker values the same wine club features, so I also have specialized ratings for different types of wine drinkers like: Best Overall (these are the main ratings throughout the site), New to wine clubs (a.k.a. beginners), Picky wine drinkers, High-end wine lovers, and Gift givers.

It takes a lot of work for me to scrutinize these wine clubs so closely so that you don’t have to. When you join or give a wine of the month club through my links, I will likely earn a commission. Rest assured, commissions never influence my opinions about these wine clubs or their ratings.

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Jessyca Frederick

Review by: Jessyca Frederick

After 12+ years trying 1000s of bottles from 100+ different wine clubs, Jessyca knows what it means to be a wine club worth joining. Her reviews can help you find a great wine club for you (or to give as a gift) at any budget and for any wine preference.