Best Affordable Wine Clubs

Best Affordable Wine Clubs

The best wine of the month clubs delivered for under $20 / bottle

Last updated: May 24, 2017

Not everyone who loves wine can afford premium prices, so if you want wine for a dime, this list of best affordable wine clubs is a great place to start. Our wine club reviews examine quality-to-price ratio (QPR in the wine biz), price per bottle, shipping costs—and of course, the wine selection.

The definition of affordable is subjective—as is the definition of good wine for that matter—but these selections are geared toward value-shoppers. We focus this list on wines delivered for less than $20 and you'll notice there are rarely 2-bottle wine clubs on it—to get the most value from a wine club order bigger shipments and have them delivered less often if you don't drink that much every month.

“Affordable” not the main factor in your wine club decision? Try our Top 5 Best Overall Wine Clubs.

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  1. WINC Wine Club
  2. by WINC
    All-Around Rating:

    Limited Time Offer Exclusive - Best Winc Deal!
    Get $25 in credits toward your first shipment when you use our links to join Winc for yourself!

    While Winc (formerly known as Club W) appears on many of our Best Wine Clubs lists, it's place at the top of the Best Affordable Wine Clubs list is well-deserved. With wines priced starting $13, and free shipping on orders with four bottles or more, you'd be hard-pressed to find another value-oriented wine club with wines this good.

    Since Winc runs on credits (1 credit = 1 dollar), they let you pre-buy credits and save money. It's a the-more-you-buy-the-more-you-save kinda deal, but you can save up to 20% on their already-low prices this way!

    Want to push your value further? Pick white wines when ordering from Winc. You'll think you're shopping at the fancy wine store down the street.

    Did we mention you can let them pick your wine based on how you answer questions in their Palate Profile Quiz (and subsequent ratings of their wine) or you can pick every wine you receive from their ever-growing collection of wines?

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    Limited Time Offer
    Introductory offer: $69.99 for 12 bottles of wine! Also choose between free bonus gifts: 3 bottles of wine or a deluxe, lever-action corkscrew.

    The Wall Street Journal Wine Club (formally called WSJWine) continues to be a great value in the wine club market. It's a quarterly case club (12 bottles delivered every three months) so you save money by shipping more wine less often. The wines are priced to be affordable and most of them come from Europe where the parent company buys out huge productions of wine to distribute through this massive wine club.

    In the beginning of our wine club reviewing days (in 2009!) we thought these wines were great. Then we started drinking more expensive wine, and in particular became big fans of California wines and we were less impressed. But as we came to know old-world wines (France, Italy, Spain, and Germany), we learned that there's more to wine than a high-alcohol fruit-bomb and came to appreciate the value in what WSJ wine is offering—and that's why it's back on this list!

    One word of caution: Shipping and cancellation issues are common. If you're detail-oriented and keep track of shipments you'll be receiving, you'll be fine. If not, this may not be the best wine club for you.

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    Limited Time Offer
    Bonus Month! Give a 3-month wine gift and they'll get a 4th month free (a $53.95 value)! Until July 1

    Save 15% on Gift Subscriptions Use promo code GIFT15. Until May 31

    Bonus Gifts for You Free in your first shipment: 2 Bonus Wines and a $25 Wine Credit to use on any future order. Use promo code 2EXTRA or click this link. Until Dec. 31

    The California Wine Club Premier Series offers affordable wines to be sure. Since their focus with this wine club series is terrific $25-30 bottles, they've never made this list of Best Affordable Wine Clubs. But now they can because they're offering an outstanding deal on their Premier Series wines...

    For a limited time (and probably available in the future if it's as popular as it ought to be), you can get a 12-bottle case club for just $170 per shipment (including the cost of shipping). That's competitive with other companies on this list, but you cannot match the quality of these wines at these prices at any of the others.

    Choose monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly shipments and save. We say it a lot, but we LOVE case clubs if you're looking for good value. If you only drink 1 bottle a week, you'll save loads on shipping costs by ordering quarterly cases and in this case, you get a tremendous discount on their normal prices, too.

    Why compromise? At The California Wine Club you get a 100% Love It Guarantee and a personal wine concierge to go with your membership!

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  3. Wine Awesomeness
  4. by Wine Awesomeness
    All-Around Rating:

    Limited Time Offer
    Buying a gift? Get a bonus bottle of wine with any pre-paid wine club gift 3-months or longer.

    Buying for yourself? If you're buying the $45 subscription, use the $10 off link (22%). If you're buying the $75 subscription, use the save 20% on your first shipment link ($15).

    WineAwesomeness is the newest wine club to make our Best Affordable Wine Clubs list because, well, it's pretty awesome. The wines taste like they're of a higher quality than their price would indicate ($15 a bottle, shipping included), but you also get their terrific BackLabel magazine in each shipment, highlighting the shipment's theme (typically regional), offering detailed information about the region, the wine, wine pairings — and their signature music pairings!

    That's all well and good, but to get on this list, a wine club must be offering great value, too. We think WineAwesomeness nails good value with the wine quality, but then they go above and beyond with a great introductory offer and free shipping on reorders of your favorite wines.

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  6. by Tasting Room by Lot18
    All-Around Rating:

    Limited Time Offer
    Get a $40 tasting kit for just $6.95 when you sign up today. No coupon needed. is a wine club designed for keeping you well-stocked. They send you 12 bottles every three months — enough for a bottle a week (for some of us, that's nowhere near enough, cough). They start with a sampler kit to help you get into the wine tasting experience and rate wines. From what we hear and have experienced ourselves, this tasting kit bears little relation to the actual wines you'll be receiving later, and in fact, your first full case shipment goes out before you even have time to do the tasting... which is, in our opinion, the worst thing about the club.

    On the fip side, is a top contender for great value in a wine subscription, and their pricing model of $14.08 per bottle delivered makes it affordable, too. After you get your first full case, you really really should go online and rate your wines. You can even hand pick what goes into the case if you want to. After we started rating wines, we starting liking their wines and we think you will, too.

    There aren't any extra perks to being a member, but you do have 100% control over your account (you can downgrade to 2 or 6 bottles, you can pick your shipping dates whether it's tomorrow or next year, and you can cancel online if you want.)

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