The 7 Best Affordable Wine Subscriptions

Best Affordable Wine Clubs

Last updated: June 25, 2020

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After 11+ years of reviewing wine subscriptions, we’ve noticed most people think affordable wine costs less than $15 a bottle. With realistic expectations set about the wine you can buy for $15, we looked for great wine subscription services that meet that requirement — and there are plenty of cheap options to choose from.

The best inexpensive wine subscriptions offer a satisfaction guarantee — you shouldn’t have to settle for swill just because you’re on a budget. Use our ratings to make sure you choose a reputable wine subscription service. We tasted all of that wine, but we also considered what the 52,000+ customers from the past 11 years have told us about which wine subscriptions they want to sign up for.

Cheap Wine or Good Value? We are firm believers that you usually get the quality of wine you pay for. If you’re less concerned with a low price but really care about better quality wine, try our overall Best Wine Clubs list instead.

The Best Cheap Wine Subscriptions Under $15 a Bottle

Our research highlights these 7 wine subscriptions as the best affordable wine subscriptions to join in 2020

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Affordable wine club gift

Winc took a long hard look at why wine costs as much as it does and came up with a solution — they cut out the middle men (all of ‘em) and became a winery. Winc produces and ships wine directly to consumers in addition to selling their wares at grocery stores, restaurants, and hotels.

Prices start at $13 a bottle. Free shipping starts at 4 bottles.

When you’re a member, roughly 40% of Winc’s wine selection is priced under $15 per bottle and free shipping starts with four bottles. They also offer discounts for case purchases, credits when you rate 10 wines, and the ability to pre-pay for wine credits (buy a year’s worth and save 20%!).

Oh, and don’t forget that introductory offer… using our links you’ll save 50% on your first shipment.

Choose a mix of red and white, red only, or white only. They also offer rosé and sparkling wine.

Winc offers a broad spectrum of wine regions, grape varieties, blends, and styles, with a heavy focus on California. If you want to spend more, you can as they offer a number of interesting premium wines priced $16 and up.

You pick or they pick. While you can rely on Winc’s algorithm to select wines for your palate, you can also hand pick every bottle in every box you receive. Members receive a special discount on everything they buy, compared to full retail prices available via the website to nonmembers and at brick-and-mortar stores.

We have heard from some gift-givers that they don’t want their recipients to have to do any work. If you don’t think picking out wines online is work, Winc is our favorite affordable wine club gift. Gifts are sold as gift cards in fixed increments starting at $60.

For You Save $100 on your first 6-bottle case, just $49.99. Shipping included. Voucher code is already entered. Click for This Deal. isn’t exactly a regular wine of the month club. It’s more of a wine-buying club where your monthly subscription fees accrue in your account until you spend them on a wine shipment. This gives you access to super low members-only prices. Don’t worry, any unspent funds are fully refundable.

Prices start at $8 per bottle. Free shipping starts at 6 bottles.

However you define affordable you’ll find that here — because you set the prices. If you want to keep the prices really low, you simply won’t find a cheaper wine club than Naked Wines who offers their members deeply-discounted pricing. You always control which and how many bottles are in your shipments. Order six or more bottles any time and get free shipping.

They also offer a big up front discount to get you try the wine club: get 6 bottles for $49.99 or 12 bottles for $89.99.

Choose between red wine, white wine, dry wine, sweet wine, pink wine, and sparkling wine — you name it.

They have an abundance of wine under $15 a bottle — 68 different options when we checked on October 4, 2019. If you feel like a splurge they have wines up to $45 for special occasions. is very concerned with offering fair prices for the wine they sell, but they’re also concerned with treating their Angels (members) as fairly as possible. For example, if they drop the price on a wine you’ve already bought, they’ll automatically refund you the difference, no effort required on your part.

Since you pick your own wine, you determine how many bottles are in each box and when you get them. Six bottles in your box gets you free shipping. There are so many reasons to love and we outline them all in our full wine club review.

We do not recommend for wine club gifts as they don’t offer any gift presentation or provide a custom message in the first shipment.

3. 90+ Wine Club

by Wired For Wine ®

Wired For Wine is one of those low-profile wine stores that wine lovers looking for a deal like to brag about. They offer highly-rated wines at very low prices. Their 90+ Wine Club punches above its weight, by offering wines that typically sell for around $20 and are, as their name says, always rated at least 90 points.

$14.16 a bottle, 12 bottles to a box. Ships free.

You really can’t do better than Wired For Wine on price or quality for less than $15 a bottle. They keep prices low by not offering any perks other than tasting notes and recipes paired specifically with the wines in your box. No special offers, just great wine for the price.

Choose a mix of red and white, red only, or white only.

Wired For Wine sources wine that the critics love so you have one less thing to think about. Their online store features hundreds of well-rated wines including reds, whites, and everything else you can think to drink.

Wired For Wine picks all of the wine in your shipments — you can choose a mix of red and white wine, red wine only, or white wine only. Like all top-rated wine clubs on our site, they offer a full satisfaction guarantee within 30 days of receipt. If you don’t like a wine you receive, they’ll work with you to find a suitable replacement. Though we can’t imagine you’ll ever use it.

We do not recommend giving the 90+ wine club as a gift as they don’t offer any gift presentation or provide a custom message in the first shipment. Try these wine club gifts instead.

4. Case Club

by The California Wine Club

The California Wine Club offers the most member perks of any wine club we know of. The Case Club — 12 bottles delivered monthly, every other month, or quarterly — is their least expensive way to purchase high quality wine from small family wineries.

$13.25 a bottle, 12 bottles to a box. Shipping is $14 to most states.

This is the same exact wine they offer in their Premier Series wine club at a 47% discount — your reward for buying 12 bottles at a time instead of just two. Their $14 shipping is the same as they charge for two-bottle shipments, so you’re really getting a deal there.

Choose a mix of red and white, red only, or white only.

The California Wine Club only works with small family wineries. The breadth and depth of what’s available for them to source is surprising, but it doesn’t include the likes of Napa Cab. They find the gems in out-of-the-way wine regions like Paso Robles, Lodi, El Dorado, and beyond.

The California Wine Club picks all of the wine in your shipments — you can choose a mix of red and white wine, red wine only, or white wine only.When you join (or give) the California Wine Club, you get access to a personal wine consultant who can help with food and wine pairing suggestions as well as help finding wines that fit your palate. They help customers with every type of service issue you can imagine — from rerouting shipments, placing vacation holds, and replacing bad bottles, to getting assistance with wine country travel plans.

We do not recommend giving the Case Club as a gift as they don’t offer any gift presentation or provide a custom message in the first shipment. Try these wine club gifts instead.

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There are a LOT of wine clubs who sell their subscription boxes at $15 per bottle or less. Some of them offer premium wine that’s been heavily discounted, others offer really cheap wine that’s been marked up too much. Wine Insiders is just right — they select good quality wines that were produced economically around the world.

$11.66 a bottle, 12 bottles to a box. Shipping is $19.95 to most states.

Among other affordable wine subscriptions, Wine Insiders stands out. We found some of the wines in our shipment met our expectations of the quality their competitors deliver, but we were delighted to discover wines that far exceeded our expectations. In particular, great California Tannat, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay. Members save 12-19% off Wine Insiders’ regular prices — a great deal.

Like many other wine clubs, Wine Insiders invites you to try their wine at a discounted price. This makes it easier to see how much value you’ll get out of a subscription.

Their introductory offer is $89 for a case of 12 bottles of wine + 3 bonus bottles of a red Bordeaux. This offer includes free shipping, but sales tax might apply. That’s $5.93 a bottle. No promo code or coupon code is needed to get this offer.

You can choose red wine, white wine, or a mix of both for your deliveries.

The selection of wine is International with a blend of wines made in the US, Europe, South America, and Australia/New Zealand. Each shipment is well balanced among styles and regions.

Wine Insiders stands out by bringing convenience to the wine club experience. In addition to being able to fully manage your account online, they make it easier to manage your deliveries, too. FedEx offers a program where customers can automatically route packages to local stores for pickup if it’s convenient. Wine Insiders is the only wine club which integrates this option into your sign-up process, so you don’t need to manage each delivery separately.

Wine Insiders is the only 12-bottle wine club in its class that integrates gifting into their experience. You can opt to email the recipient at the time of purchase (we recommend this, but wait to order until the day you want to give the gift). There is also a gift message in the first box of wine. After the first shipment, the gift recipient gets delivery notifications and the gift giver gets the billing notifications. Cancel anytime.


by Tasting Room by Lot18

For You Join today and get a $40 tasting kit for just $9.95. Click for This Deal.

This company has evolved substantially. When it first acquired the technology to make the tasting kits they’ve become famous for, they were still offering a variety of wine at a variety of prices. Now their whole business is focused on selling wine via memberships and almost all of the wine is $15.

$12.42 a bottle, 12 bottles to a box. Ships free.

Like a lot of other inexpensive wine clubs, Tasting Room offers their members preferred pricing. Their regular offer to get their tasting kit and rate your wines is $9.95, but when you sign up through our links, you’ll save three bucks.

Choose a mix of red and white, red only, or white only. They also offer rosé.

Tasting Room makes recommendations for wine you’ll like based on how you’ve previously rated their wines, but you also can personalize your wine shipments. There is no limit to how many changes you can make and any of the wine in their online store is available to put in your wine box.

Your membership starts with receiving a wine tasting kit of six mini bottles and completing the tasting survey online. When you sign up, you have joined their 12-bottle wine club. Your first shipment after you rate your tasting kit wines is 12 bottles, but after that you can downgrade to 6 bottles or even 2 bottles per shipment. You pay more per bottle with the smaller options than the 12-bottle box.

One area Tasting Room excels at is convenience. They use UPS for delivery, but have upgraded their account so you get premium delivery features. Primarily, you can set an alternative pickup location at checkout if you won’t be home to sign for deliveries.

We do not recommend giving Tasting Room as a gift as they don’t offer any gift presentation or provide a custom message in the first shipment. Try these wine club gifts instead.

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Affordable wine club gift

An interesting three- or six-bottle wine club, Wine Awesomeness offers good quality and a fun experience in addition to affordability — though only the six-bottle club delivers wine for less than $15 a bottle. Each shipment is themed and they tell you all about the theme and the monthly selections in their thebacklabel magazine included in each box.

The wines in their retail store are priced $15-17 per bottle, but members get a discount. Their 6-bottle club ships wines for $13.16 per bottle, with free shipping. They also offer a solid introductory offer: get your first shipment for just $54 ($9 a bottle).

An edge in the affordability category is that they don’t make you buy 12 bottles at a time. Even their 3-bottle club ships for just $49/month. Members also get 25% off in their bottle shop.

Choose a mix of red and white, red only, or white and rosé only.

Unlike other wine clubs on this list which source their wine in bulk and then label it to fit their brand, the wines sourced by Wine Awesomeness come from independent wineries all around the world. They like wine that’s interesting and made well. Their online store includes selections like Sangiovese, Red blends, Tempranillo, Vermentino, White blends, and Pecorino.

Their themed shipments are really fun. Past themes include Tapas, BBQ, Do It Yourself, Beach, Shades of Pink, Date Night, and more. We’re pretty impressed with Wine Awesomeness and how much value they offer for a really low price.

Choose 1, 3, 6, or 12 months for your gifts and 3 or 6 bottles per shipment.

You’ll need to choose whether you will let your recipient manage the account or you will do it yourself when you buy a gift. We recommend letting your recipient manage their account because they’ll be able to manage their deliveries and update their preferences. Be aware, they increase the price by 10% when you let the recipient manage the subscription because local taxes might apply and you don’t want your recipient to get stuck footing the bill for those.

We’ve Tasted All That Wine!

Many of the other “best wine subscription” lists are just round-ups of what’s out there and ranked by what the author thinks is cool. Rarely have they tasted any of the wine, and when they have it’s usually not through a critical lens.

We actually try at least one shipment of wine from every wine club we review (after 2013). Often we receive ongoing shipments so we can continuously evaluate quality and value. Our reviews show the wines we received and tasted, as photographed in our wine cellar (or in other settings).

Here’s how we evaluate the wine we receive:

Wine Quality. Wine is not a one-size-fits-all industry. What may be good enough for that guy might be swill to you. For our affordable wine subscriptions, we consider the quality of the wines we receive in comparison with wines delivered by other services in the same price range — not in comparison to premium options.

Wine Price. There are so many variables that affect the price of wine, and each country, region, and winery handles pricing in their own way. When we think about wine pricing for subscription wine boxes, we consider retail value and what you’re paying to have the bottle delivered.

Value. At any price, nobody wants to feel like they’re getting fleeced. Wine is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. When it comes to wine subscriptions, most of the time you get what you pay for. In addition to the wine, costs for these services include: personalization technology, customer service, delivery, and sourcing.

Perks.We determine how easy it is to be a member by looking at personalization options, ability to make changes to your subscription, how to manage your deliveries, and the cancellation process.

What about all of the other wine clubs?

This page contains our current list of the best wine clubs (according to our research). Our reviews are sometimes snapshots of a wine club, and sometimes we track the quality of a wine club closely for years. We also change our minds about wine clubs when their quality or value go up or down.

If you’re wondering about a specific wine club that isn’t on the list above, it is because the wine costs more than $15 a bottle, we didn’t rate the subscription 4 stars or more, or we haven’t reviewed it yet.

Wine Subscriptions That Are Popular, but Not Affordable

Looking for organic and biodynamic wines? Hint: they’re almost never sold for less than $15 in the United States.

Despite the reduced cost of chemicals applied in the vineyards, these wines usually cost more because the vineyards produce fewer grapes per acre (a major portion of the final cost of wine, especially wine under $25). Also, wines without sulfur added (usually labeled Natural) have a more limited shelf life, which means wineries need to charge more per bottle in case they don’t sell all of it before it "goes bad."

European wine is mostly "natural" but by the time it gets imported, the middlemen and the tariffs have increased the price it sells for way beyond "affordable." All of that is to say, expect to pay more than "affordable" prices for organic, biodynamic, and natural wines.

If you want organic and biodynamic wine, we highly recommend the Plonk Wine Club — it’s fantastic, but $30/bottle. You might also want to check out the less-expensive and still under-the-radar Organic Wine Exchange for Vegan, Sulfite-free, Organic, and Biodynamic wine subscriptions.

Martha Stewart Wine. We like the Martha Stewart Wine club. When compared with the clubs on this list though, it doesn’t offer consistent enough quality.

Vine Oh! At a regular price of $84 for 4 bottles, it does not qualify for our definition of affordable (under $15). Also, we’re skeptical of the wine quality when all of their reviewers focus on the swag in the box and treat the wine like it’s just another piece of swag.

Hello Fresh. Hello Fresh has discontinued their wine subscription service. It was fulfilled by Tasting Room and if you were interested in the Hello Fresh offering, you could check out as an alternative.

Bright Cellars. A personalized wine club that does not meet our standard of good quality wine or value. They also charge $20 a bottle — making it more expensive than our definition of affordable.

Original Wine of the Month Club. The first wine club, sure, but it does not provide "the best" value or wine. Their only wine clubs that qualify as affordable offer wine we thought was not good enough to be "the best" of anything.

Great Clubs of America. One of many monthly clubs offered by this company, their wine of the month club seems less about the wine and more about the gifting. We know there are wine of the month clubs that focus on the wine and the gift experience, too. It is a good choice for an affordable wine subscription gift, though ($134.85 for a three-month gift of three bottles).

WineSociety. We have not yet written a full review for Wine Society, but we did taste the wine. Their subscription box is priced at $39.20 for three cans (equivalent to two regular size bottles) and thus does not qualify as affordable.

WSJwine. This is a very popular wine club but it doesn’t measure up to the best. We feel the same about it’s sister clubs: Laithwaites, TCM, Virgin Wines, Macy’s Wine Cellar, and NPR.

Cellars Wine Club. Their 12-bottle case subscription *is* CHEAP at $99 (regular price, not an introductory offer). We used to like Cellars Wine Club. We have had trouble in our business relations with this company. This makes us skeptical of how well they look after their customers.

Blue Apron. We haven’t reviewed Blue Apron yet because we haven’t received a shipment. We think their 500 mL bottle concept is neat.

Empathy Wines. A lot of people love Gary Vee (Vaynerchuk). That is not a reason to join a wine club that only offers three kinds of wine. Just sold the brand to a multinational conglomerate (Constellation Wines who also owns Kim Crawford, Meiomi, and Robert Mondavi among many others) so maybe it will become more affordable (right now it is $20 per bottle plus shipping).

Affordable Wine Subscriptions We Have Not Reviewed: Splash Wines. If you work for one of these wine clubs and want to see it reviewed, please contact us.

Affordable Wine Subscriptions

These wine subscriptions all earned a rating of at least 4 stars from us and offer wine at less than $15 per bottle. They’re sorted by rating, from highest to lowest. If you didn’t find what you were looking for in the list above, you might find it here.

Wine Subscriptions Description Price & Delivery Best Feature: easy to shop by wine styles like Big Red, Fruity Red, Crisp White, and Fruity White Contribute $40 / month, purchase when you want
Winc Best Feature: easy-to-shop vegan, sustainable, organic, natural, low alcohol, and low sulfur wines $52+ / month
Case Club
The California Wine Club
Best prices on wines from small California wineries $159 / quarter
90+ Wine Club
Wired For Wine ®
Great quality International wines at bargain prices $170 / quarter
90+ Cellars Wine Club
Ninety Plus Cellars
Easy-going wine from around the world Starts at $50 / quarter
Firstleaf Best Feature: flexible subscription size and schedule $79.95 / monthly and quarterly
Wine Insiders Best Feature: easy management of delivery routing $139.95 / quarter
Wine Awesomeness A fun and affordable themed wine subscription with its own full-color magazine Starts at $49 / monthly and quarterly Personalized wine selection with many customization choices, swap every bottle Starts at $75

See all of our wine club reviews