The Best Wine Club Gifts

The Best Wine of the Month Club Gifts

Wine club gifts deliver wine monthly, every other month, or quarterly. For a wine lover, this is a thoughtful way to let them know how much you appreciate them. With 100s of clubs to choose from, our reviews and Best Wine Clubs lists will help you find the right wine subscription gift.

Last updated: September 12, 2018

A wine club is the perfect gift for both experienced and new wine drinkers. The delight of wine arriving at your door never gets old, and like all gift of the month clubs, a wine subscription is a gift that keeps on giving. If you're unsure of what type of wine drinker you're buying for, don't worry: this list focuses on what we lovingly refer to as palate-pleasers — wines that are hard to find objectionable by any reasonable standard (or wine drinker).

This year we've also updated this list of Best Wine Club Gifts to focus on "Affordable" wine club gifts. Affordability is always subjective, but in this case we've sought out great wine clubs where you can give a three month subscription for around $150.

We've pored over the selections with a fine-toothed comb to find the wine of the month clubs with the best gift packaging and gift announcements (including last-minute gifts), on top of the best wines and the best customer service. Oh, and don't forget the wine education: part of a great wine of the month club gift is the informational material which helps your wine lover learn more about the wine they're drinking, increasing confidence in wine selection and enjoyment.

Want to get specific? We've also ranked Red Wine Club Gifts and White Wine Club Gifts.


Limited Time Offer
Giving a Gift? Give a Premier Series Gift of 3 months or longer and they'll get a free bottle of bubbly in their first shipment (worth $120). Until Sep 30.

Buying for Yourself? Free in your first shipment: 2 Bonus Wines and a $25 Wine Credit to use on any future order. Use promo code EXTRAWINE. Until Dec 31, 2018.

The California Wine Club only sells wine produced by small, family wineries in California — no bulk wine, nothing large production, not ever. Their Premier Series is their "entry level" wine club gift. The California Wine Club offers a terrific blend of great wine, wine education via their full-color magazine Uncorked, and their top-notch customer service which includes personal wine consultants.

About the Wine: The Premier Series, featuring wine from family-owned and operated California wineries, is available as a 2-bottle and a 4-bottle wine club of mixed red and white wines, red wine only, or white wine only. When you order red- or white-only you get 2 each of the same bottle in the shipment, and 4 each if you've upgraded.

About the Gift: Your gift recipient will enjoy two boutique wines from small California wineries in each shipment, but also all kinds of extra fun comes in the first shipment — an elegant bottle stopper, a $25 wine credit, a VIP winery tour and tasting invitation, and a personalized gift card from you. In future shipments there could be little goodies, too, like artistic note cards or expanded recipes — always something to delight your recipient.

The California Wine Club Gift Presentation

New this year is a special gift add-on for $18. This add-on is a beautiful gift announcement package. You can order ahead and have it either delivered directly to your recipient or have it sent to you so you can give something when you see him or her. It includes a custom printed message in a gift box, with a corkscrew and a wine stopper.

Shopping Last Minute? The California Wine Club has custom gift cards you can print or email to Mom.

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Gold Series Club
by Gold Medal Wine Club

The Gold Medal Wine Club showcases award-winning California wines and the Gold Series is their "entry level" wine club gift. The Gold Medal Wine Club is consistent in the quality of their wine, their wine magazine The Wine Press, and their excellent customer service.

About the Wine: The Gold Series, a collection of medal-winning wine from family-owned and operated wineries in California, is available as a 2-bottle and a 4-bottle wine club of mixed red and white wines, red wine only, or white wine only. When you order red- or white-only you get 2 each of the same bottle in the shipment, and 4 each if you've upgraded. A PLUS! bottle is available in each shipment for an additional $39 — these are special bottles the wine club was only able to procure in smaller quantities than their full wine membership requires.

Insider Tip: Gold Medal Wine Club really encourages the "buy more, save more" concept by rewarding customers for bigger orders. Whether you upgrade to four bottles or buy more months, you'll be getting more for your money.

The Gold Medal Wine Club Gift Presentation

The Exclusive 2018 Deal: Gold Medal has put together a special gift package just for our readers. Give a Gold Series gift of 3 or more shipments and they'll get a bonus bottle of Napa Cab and you'll give them free gift wrapping, gift box, and a gift card, too.

Shopping Last Minute? The Gold Medal Wine Club has custom gift cards you can print so they have something to open on the big day.

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Wine by the Glass Club
by VineBox

VineBox is one of our new favorites. While most wine of the month clubs are focused on selling wine in quantity, VineBox has scaled back and instead sells in-home wine-tasting experiences. Each shipment features three glass tubes of wine, each containing 10 cl or roughly 3.3 oz (a small glass of wine).

About the Wine: The wines are super interesting, mostly old-world selections (think European wine regions) and are sophisticated selections you almost certainly have never seen before. The unique feature of this subscription, the glass tubes, are rebottled from full-size bottles using a specially developed nitrogen system which prevents any wine from ever coming in contact with oxygen during the process.

About the Gift: VineBox's standard packaging is perfect for gifting. Each box is a well-designed treasure chest. The interior is composed of a dense, black foam that protects the tubes during shipment. If the recipient loves a wine and it's still available, they can order a full size bottle through VineBox.

Insider Tip: Each box is really only suited to a one-person tasting, so if you're buying for a couple and want them to share the experience, we recommend using their "Double It" option which also saves you 5%. When they redeem the gift, they'll select their wine preferences and the shipments will begin.

Shopping Last Minute? VineBox offers to send a gift announcement via email, so they know a gift is on its way before they receive it. The default setting is to send the email as soon as you place your order, but you can opt to have it sent on any future date on the same screen where you add your custom gift message.

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WINC Wine Club

Limited Time Offer
Save $25 on your first Winc box (up to 50% off) when you use our links. No code needed.

Winc is one of our favorite wine clubs when buying for yourself, but it also makes a terrific gift. Unlike other wine clubs where the wines are always pre-selected by the club, Winc members can choose their own wines if they want to. This option is great for wine drinkers who want to discover new grapes and new regions.

About the Wine: Winc (formerly known as Club W) used to purchase wines at deep discounts to sell through their wine club, but for quite a while now they've been producing their own wine instead. Most of their production is California wine but they offer interesting selections from other areas around the world, too. Roughly 60% of their wines are priced at $13 a bottle (for members) and they offer a variety of wines from $14-40 per bottle. Heavily focused on California wine, the $13 selections are primarily sourced from grapes grown in Santa Barbara, Lodi, and Paso Robles. The more expensive selections are often sourced from Napa and Sonoma counties.

About the Gift: When you give a gift of Winc, you purchase credits, like a digital gift card, that they'll redeem when it's convenient for them. You can buy gift credits in $50 increments, ranging from $60 (a one-time gift which includes shipping and sales tax) to $600 which is a whole year of wine, shipping included. To announce your gift, you can choose between a few options: A beautiful note delivered via FedEx for $6, a note you can print at home and put in a card, or an email announcement which goes out immediately when you order.

Insider Tip: We love Winc, but we don't suggest giving this gift to people who drink expensive red wine unless you plan ahead for them spend more than $13 per bottle. Their red wines are really interesting and a great value in the $20+ range, but are hit or miss below that price.

Shopping Last Minute? No problem. The download and print or email gift announcement options means you're covered even the same day you're giving the gift.

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Limited Time Offer
Buy More, Save More! Save $10 on any 4-shipment order with code SAVE10. Save $15 on any 6-shipment pre-paid order with code SAVE15. Save $25 on any 12-shipment pre-paid order with code SAVE25.

The International Wine of the Month Club has been sending out monthly gifts to happy customers since 1994. They do a good job at selecting wines that will appeal to most wine drinkers. The Bold Reds Series is perfect for Dad as it makes a great gift for people who like bold red wines and want to discover how they're made around the world.

About the Wine: The wine selection for The Bold Reds Series focuses on bigger, spicier reds that go well with pizza, steaks, and other strongly-flavored food. It includes popular varietals like Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Shiraz from around the world — including France, Spain, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and more. If you're looking for a two-bottle wine of the month club gift for a red wine lover, we strongly recommend giving this International red wine club gift.

About the Gift: The International Wine of the Month Club offers unprecedented options for how many shipments you want, how frequently you want them, and they even let you pick which month the shipment should arrive in, in case you're super pro-active and want to order ahead. You can also choose what color wine you want. Gifts arrive with the bottles wrapped in organza bags and are presented with The International Wine Club's educational newsletter, Cellar Notes.

Insider Tip: The International Wine of the Month Club offers a very cool Design Your Own Club program where you can mix and match Wine, Beer, Cheese, Chocolate, Cigars, and Flowers in your monthly gift. Another great way to use this Design-Your-Own club is to customize a wine club gift membership. Imagine you're giving a 6-month subscription, but one of those months includes your favorite wine lover's birthday — you can upgrade that month to their Collector's Series for a special treat.

Shopping Last Minute? When you check out at The International Wine of the Month Club, you'll be given an option to email a gift announcement (either immediately or on a specific day) and you can also choose to download a gift notice to print yourself.

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