The 9 Best Premium Wine Clubs

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If you're looking for the best premium wine club, it's probably because you've either grown accustomed to great quality wine and want more of it, or you're ready to upgrade your current wine club experience to a higher-level.

Great news, when you decide to move up the pricing tiers, you can actually get much bang for not a lot more buck. A premium wine of the month club really focuses on exceptional wine.

These premium wine clubs feature higher-end French or Italian wines, boutique California wines, an occasional bubbly selection, and typically are priced at, or slightly below, retail. We like this category of wine clubs because the focus is less on squeezing every dollar of profit out of the membership, and more on delivering fun wines that the owners and winemakers themselves like to drink.

Everyone's definition of premium varies, but on this website, we're talking about wine clubs priced starting at $25 per bottle. There are wine subscriptions on this page that cost $100 per bottle, too.

FYI: I find great wine deals so you don’t have to. To keep me on the hunt, I earn a commission when you buy wine based on my recommendations.

This list was last updated on November 17, 2022

The Wine I Tried from These Wine Clubs

I receive multiple deliveries from most of the wine clubs I review

#1 High-End California Club

Why it’s #1 | Full Review

High-End California Club

#2 Connoisseurs Club

Why it’s #2 | Full Review

Connoisseurs Club

#3 Michelin Wine Subscription

Why it’s #3 | Full Review

Michelin Wine Subscription

#4 Picked by

Why it’s #4 | Full Review

Picked by

#5 Italian Wine Club

Why it’s #5 | Full Review

Italian Wine Club

#6 Champagne Club

Why it’s #6 | Full Review

Champagne Club

#7 High-End Int'l Club

Why it’s #7 | Full Review

High-End Int'l Club

#8 Wildcrafted Wines

Why it’s #8 | Full Review

Wildcrafted Wines

#9 Plonk Wine Club

Why it’s #9 | Full Review

Plonk Wine Club

Why They’re On This List

1. High-End California Club

by The California Wine Club

Good wine club gift

#1 Best California
#1 Best Premium
#2 Best Red

High-End California Club

For You Join the Signature Series and get two extra bottles of ultra premium wine in the first shipment. Until Mar 31. Use code ADDTWO at checkout.

Exclusive Deal For You Save 50% on your first shipment. Until Dec 31. Use code WCRHALF at checkout.

This wine subscription focuses on high-end, small-production wines from small family wineries in California. It is perfect to give as a gift or to join yourself.

The Signature Series is one of our favorite premium wine clubs. We never get tired of exploring the different styles and terroirs of high-end California wine.

The Signature Series is the perfect wine gift splurge for a wine lover who likes to explore new wines. For an extra $18 you order a pre-wine gift package announcing the gift. Send it to yourself to present in person on the big day or send it directly to your wine lover so they know the wine is coming.

High-End California Club

2. Connoisseurs Club

by Wine Access

Good wine club gift

#2 Best Premium
#3 Best Red
#7 Best Quarterly

Connoisseurs Club

For You Save $25 on your first two shipments of any Wine Access wine club. Click for This Deal.

Ultra-premium and hard-to-find, this wine club focuses on small-production wines of distinct character and impeccable pedigree worthy of the name Connoisseur. These wines are great for special-occasions and discovery of the world’s best wine regions.

We frequently see highly-rated and special wines pass through the Wine Access inventory. They don’t pigeon-hole their selection to a narrow set of wine regions or grapes so there’s always something new and exceptional to try.

Connoisseurs Club

3. Michelin Wine Subscription

by Wine Access

Good wine club gift

#1 Best International
#3 Best Premium

Michelin Wine Subscription

For You Save $25 on your first two shipments of any Wine Access wine club. Click for This Deal.

Wine Access leveraged their status as the official wine provider of the MICHELIN® Guide and created a wine subscription featuring world-class restaurants and the wines that pair best with their cuisine.

As I don’t get a chance to frequent Michelin-starred restaurants, I love that this subscription offers a window into that world of fine dining and wine pairing.

Michelin Wine Subscription

4. Picked by

#2 Best White
#4 Best Affordable
#4 Best Premium

Picked by

For You Join today and save $50 on your first box of wine personalized by you and picked by a sommelier. Use code PICK50 at checkout.

A personalized wine club where your wines are individually chosen for you by a sommelier who gets to know your preferences. Your selections are chosen from the largest inventory of online wine available in the United States at

This is a great wine club for anyone who knows anything about the wine they already love or are interested in exploring. You can be as detailed and specific as you want to be, you can change your preferences as you go, and your sommelier sees your feedback about every bottle.

Picked by

5. Italian Wine Club

by Roscioli

Good wine club gift

#4 Best International
#5 Best Premium
#7 Best Red

Italian Wine Club

For You Get 25€ (roughly $25) off your first payment when you join Roscioli Wine Club. Use code WCR25 at checkout.

An Italian wine club (based in Italy!) offering four different levels of Italian (and French) wine ranging from delightful everyday wine to legends meant for long-term cellaring. This is not an ordinary wine club.

This is a unique wine club who braves the hurdles of US wine importation to bring wonderful examples of Italian wine to their loyal members. They want all of us to enjoy Italian wine as much as they do, and it shows in every aspect of their wine club.

Italian Wine Club

6. Champagne Club

by Wine Access

Good wine club gift

#2 Best Gifts
#6 Best Quarterly
#6 Best Premium

Champagne Club

For You Get $25 each of your first two shipments when you join the Champagne Club. Click for This Deal.

Wine clubs featuring sparkling wine and wine clubs featuring Champagne are rarer still. But no other Champagne club can match the curation of the Wine Access wine team, or the discounted prices.

For the wine lover who drinks boutique wine and wants to explore Champagne, this club is perfect. It also makes a great gift.

The right gift for a wine lover when you don't know what they love is Champagne. The perfect Champagne gift? This recurring subscription from Wine Access.

Champagne Club

7. High-End Int'l Club

by International Wine of the Month Club

Good wine club gift

#4 Best Gifts
#7 Best Premium

High-End Int'l Club

For Gifts Save $10 when you give a 4-month wine club gift. Use code SAVE10 at checkout.

For Gifts Save $15 when you give a 6-month wine club gift. Use code SAVE15 at checkout.

For Gifts Save $30 when you give a year of wine gift. Use code SAVE30 at checkout.

An old-school wine of the month club that has every detail buttoned down tight. If you want to discover interesting, well-made wines from around the world, and you want a reliable service to deliver them, The International Wine of the Month Club’s Collectors Series is a great place to start.

When I recommend a premium wine club gift, I often recommend this club. It’s a great mix of quality and discovery, showcasing grapes and regions not typically found on the shelves at wine stores (and definitely not at big box stores).

Wine club gifting is an area that this company excels at. They give you the most options of any two-bottle wine club, from when you pay for each shipment, to all of the standard customizations, gift notice options, etc. The first shipment of all gifts includes organza-wrapped bottles for an extra touch.

High-End Int'l Club

8. Wildcrafted Wines

by Travelfood Curated Wines

Good wine club gift

#2 Best California
#8 Best Premium

Wildcrafted Wines

A wine club featuring hand-picked tiny-production wines from Napa, Sonoma, and other northern California wine regions. This “mom and pop” wine seller focuses on wines produced by well-known winemakers and made of grapes from premium vineyards.

Their wine selection is a veritable who’s who of famous winemakers, especially their creative side projects. There aren’t many wine clubs featuring this “new California” ethos and they’re as rare as the wines they ship.

Wildcrafted Wines

9. Plonk Wine Club

Good wine club gift

#1 Best White
#2 Best Wine Clubs
#2 Best Quarterly

Plonk Wine Club

For You Save $10 and get free shipping on your first wine shipment. Use code SUBSCRIBE10 at checkout.

The Plonk wine club has always been among our favorites because of the proprietor's preference for quirky but delectable wines. Etty Klein sources interesting wines made from grapes and regions you've never heard of (and some you have). Whether you choose four, six, or twelve bottle shipments you'll be glad you picked Plonk.

Lately we've come to think of Plonk as the "Somm club" that isn't run by a sommelier. With a focus on wines under $30 that will delight any curious wine drinker, we think the value is top notch. Also, unlike most wine clubs, if you're thinking of going red-only or white-only, you'll actually get four or six different selections (2 of each if you upgrade to 12 bottles).

Plonk Wine Club

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