Best Premium Wine Clubs

Best Premium Wine Clubs

The Top 5 premium wine of the month clubs

Last updated: October 26, 2016

If you’re looking for the best premium wine club, it’s probably because you’ve either grown accustomed to great quality wine and want more of it, or you’re to upgrade your current wine club experience to a higher-level. Great news, when you decide to move up the pricing tiers, you can actually get much bang for not a lot more buck.

These premium wine clubs feature higher-end French or Italian wines, boutique California wines, an occasional bubbly selection, and typically are priced just-right. We like this category of wine clubs because the focus is less on squeezing every dollar of profit out of the membership, and more on delivering fun wines that the owners and vintners themselves like to drink.

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Overview: For the wine connoisseur with a penchant for California wines, this wine of the month club is a sure thing. One of our most favorite wine clubs, the boutique gems delivered by The California Wine Club are ready to drink or can be cellared, but the real reason to join is the benefit of being a member of The California Wine Club — best-in-class customer service with your own personal wine consultant, a top-tier satisfaction guarantee, and discounts on reorders of your favorites (if they're still available).

What We Love: They reward volume purchasing! If you can afford it, by upgrading to the 4-bottle per shipment program you can save up to $13 per bottle.

Could Be Better: We have very little we feel The California Wine Club could do to improve. The prices sometimes feel a bit high, but when you factor in all of the benefits of membership, including a satisfaction guarantee, we still feel like you get what you pay for here.

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Overview: Garagiste is a term which describes up-and-coming winemakers who toil away creating artisanal wines in their, well not usually, garages. If you're someone who wants to be up on the latest and greatest future stars of California winemaking, try the mostly red wine selection of Garagiste wines from the Gold Medal Wine Club.

What We Love: We look forward to discovering new wineries from all over California. We know we're getting very good wine at below-retail prices and helping small family businesses grow.

Could Be Better: Like other Gold Medal Wine Club series, we'd really like to see more information about the winemaking and viticulture in the educational materials.

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Champagne Club
by Henri's Reserve
All-Around Rating:

Overview: We already go weak in the knees for a great champagne, but the shipment we received has us wishing the next shipment would get here sooner. A mouth-watering way to explore the region of Champagne, particularly from boutique grower houses that rarely export to the United States.

What We Love: A delightful and decadent way to treat yourself (or pamper a lucky gift recipient), Henri's Reserve is a playful yet sophisticated true Champagne Club, featuring top-notch small producers.

Could Be Better: It would be the best Champagne Club ever if they really stepped up the rewards of membership. We've been told they're working on it.

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inClub Special Occasion
by Invino
All-Around Rating:

InClub as a wine club uniquely covers the spectrum from "ship me whatever" to "ship me exactly what I want" and you can choose your own wine adventure. They have several specific wine clubs you can choose from, or you can choose this Special Occasion wine club and customize it as much or as little as you want./p>

The inClub offers three price levels for their wines — Special Occasion is the highest level they offer. You can also choose how many bottles (roughly) come in each shipment and how often you get your shipments.

For the pickier drinker who already knows exactly what they want, this is a great way to keep your cellar stocked with your favorite regions and varietals.

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WINC Wine Club
All-Around Rating:

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When we talk about Winc (formerly Club W), we generally refer to the amazing value you get for being a Winc member. This is because their primary audience is looking for inexpensive but good-quality wine (much of the selection is priced at $13 per bottle and they offer free shipping when there are four or more bottles in a shipment).

Because this is the Best Premium Wine Clubs page, we get to talk about their awesome higher-level wines! Winc sources their own fruit and makes their own wine and they pick really great wine regions like Napa, Santa Barbara County, and leading regions around the world for their International selections.

We have found that starting around $19 per bottle, Winc is delivering outstanding value. We ourselves are wine club members at high-end wineries in the regions Winc specializes in, and we find the Winc wines often deliver equal-quality and equally enjoyable wines at 30-40% below winery retail prices.

To get their premium selections, you sign up with the normal process, saving $25 when you click from our website, and take their palate profile quiz. Then you ignore their recommendations and pick your own wines, focusing on those higher-end options. We highly recommend the Porter & Plot wines (Pinot Noir, Grenache Blanc, and Dolcetto) along with all of the other premium selections.

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