Best Red Wine Clubs

Best Red Wine Clubs

The Top 5 red wine of the month clubs

Last updated: February 26, 2017

Where do you buy good red wine? If you're looking for a new way to buy red wine, try a red wine club. We've reviewed hundreds (seriously) of red wine clubs — some feature only red wine, some just French or California reds, some just one grape or only red blends, not to mention all of the different price-points offered — it's easy to get overwhelmed.

The great news is, we've got your back. We use the same (mostly) objective ratings criteria for picking the best red wine of the month clubs as we do for all of our top wine club lists — and we know you'll love every red wine club on this list.

Buying for someone else? See our Best Red Wine Clubs for Gifts list, too. Interested in a specific grape? Check this page for all of our single-varietal red wine clubs.

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  1. Curated Wine Club
  2. by Plonk Wine Club
    All-Around Rating:

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    Bonus: Get a FREE double-hinged corkscrew with your first shipment. If you've never used one, you'll see why it's the best way to open a bottle of wine!

    Plonk Wine Club has been one of our favorite wine clubs for years. Etty goes out of her way to procure excellent, interesting, and, where possible, biodynamic wines to delight her customers. As a serious foodie, she also has chef-paired recipes for each selection. Count on premium customer service every time, and very reasonable prices for the significant quality.

    In addition to curating interesting wines, the Plonk Curated club is the top red wine club on our list because 4-bottle shipments contain four different red wines, which is different than many other red wine of the month clubs which send out 2 or even 4 of the same red wine.

    A fan of a particular kind of red wine? The Plonk Varietal clubs offer a fun way to learn about new wines you, or your favorite wine lover, might enjoy. With the Cabernet club, each shipment contains one "traditional" Cabernet Sauvignon and one wine with similar characteristics of an unusual varietal and typically from an unusual region. There is also a Pinot Noir club — and we're big fans of this "doppelganger" approach to wine discovery.

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    There are only a few elite-level red wine clubs out there, and finding the ones that focus on just California wines is tricky, so if you love fine California red wine, this club is sure to knock your socks off. The Signature Series is #1 on our Editor's Picks list for a reason — you can't do better than this.

    The Signature Series wine club is predominantly red, but occasionally an excellent white is in the mix. The price varies each month depending on which wines are featured. Membership also includes a Personal Wine Consultant at your service and discounts when you reorder your favorites.

    Shopping Last Minute? The California Wine Club has custom gift cards you can print or email to your recipient so they have something to open on the big day.

    Looking for something more affordable? The California Wine Club's Premier Series is an outstanding wine club value and you even get two bonus bottles of wine with coupon 2EXTRA at checkout.

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  3. Platinum Series
  4. by Gold Medal Wine Club
    All-Around Rating:

    Limited Time Offer
    Buy more, save more! Buy 12 months and save 5%. Upgrade to 4 bottles to save another 5% on any number of shipments! No coupon needed.

    Singling out red wine clubs for high quality and great prices is a tough job, but hey, someone's gotta do it! We're big fans of the Gold Medal Wine Club and this stellar red wine of the month club represents the best of Gold Medal can do you for you as a customer.

    The Platinum series red wine club shipments contain a thoughtful selection of hand-crafted red wines from California's best wineries. You won't find these wines on grocery-store shelves or closeout sites very often, and Gold Medal's prices are sometimes better than winery wine club membership prices.

    Hot Tip: Gold Medal Wine Club has a rewards program and offers member reorder discounts even further below their already-discount wine club prices. Stock up!

    Platinum not your target wine style? The Gold Series is The Gold Medal Wine Club's value-focused club, The Garagiste Series is their newest wine club which features TINY production wines from California's up-and-coming winemakers, The Pinot Noir Series is designed to keep even the pickiest Pinotphiles well-stocked and happy, The Diamond Series is Gold Medal Wine Club's top-tier wine club featuring the pinnacle of California winemaking from cult winemakers and sold-out productions.

    Shopping Last Minute? The Gold Medal Wine Club has custom gift cards you can print so they have something to open on the big day.

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    Limited Time Offer
    Buy More, Save More! Save $10 on any 4-shipment order with code SAVE10. Save $15 on any 6-shipment pre-paid order with code SAVE15. Save $25 on any 12-shipment pre-paid order with code SAVE25.

    New! International Wine of the Month Club's Bold Reds series is a curated selection of their terrific red wines sourced from around the world which focuses on robust rich red wine only. Expect wines with structured tannins and fruit-forward flavors from prominent wine regions around the world — think California Cabernets, single vineyard red Zinfandels, Priorats and Ribera del Dueros from Spain, Châteauneuf-du-Papes from the Rhône Valley, Carmenères, Malbec blends from South America, and much more.

    We're excited to see International Wine of the Month Club branch out into particular wine preferences as the wine club market has expanded so much since they first came on the scene in 1994 and people expect more personalized options these days.

    Like many wine clubs on our site, a 100% satisfaction guarantee makes trying the Bold Reds series a no-brainer if you're into this style of winemaking (and you'd be in good company if you do).

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  5. Red Wine Club
  6. by GrapeSeed Wine
    All-Around Rating:

    Limited Time Offer
    Free shipping! Exclusive free shipping offer is good one per customer and includes all items in your order. Use promo code WCR_REWARD at checkout. Offer good until Dec 31, 2017.

    New! GrapeSeed Wine's Red Wine Club is an awesome way to discover the joy of premium California red wine, particularly Napa & Sonoma where most of the wines are currently produced. GrapeSeed works with pedigreed winemakers to produce creative new wines and calls its member "Partners" because your membership enables them to operate this way.

    We're excited to have GrapeSeed on our website because the quality really impressed us and it's something we feel what they're offering is unique among wine clubs. To us, this wine club feels like a winery wine club in that we get to know the winemakers and the producer they way we would if it was a single winery? but of course every year the wines will change, and not just because it's a different vintage from the same vineyards!

    GrapeSeed ships quarterly and you'll get notification before your order is charged, in case you want to change the contents or opt out of a shipment. You can also pick up a one-time shipment to see if you like the wine and give GrapeSeed wines as a gift.

    Exclusive deal! Get free shipping on your first order with promo code WCR_REWARD.

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