The 9 Best Red Wine Clubs

Best Red Wine Clubs

Last updated: October 8, 2019

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We've reviewed dozens of red wine clubs. Whether they feature only red wine like Pinot Noir or Cabernet Sauvignon, just French or California reds and red blends, there are a gazillion red wine clubs to choose from and they're available at a host of different prices. It's easy to get overwhelmed, but the great news is, we've got your back.

This list of best wine clubs focuses on the best red wine available through online wine clubs. For this list, we don't use price as a limiting factor. We think the best red wines show up in different price ranges and we wanted to highlight wine clubs that consistently ship out terrific red wine.

We think the best reason to join a red wine club, as opposed to buying from a reputable store, is the Satisfaction Guarantee. If you want to discover new red wine, different red wine grapes, or different red wine regions, you can do that without the risk of bad bottles when you join a wine club. The best wine clubs will replace anything you don't like, including the expensive stuff.

Another great reason to try a red wine club membership is that you'll get access to wines you won't find in a store. Interesting wines typically come from smaller producers and wine clubs carefully cultivate relationships with great wineries to get you access to great red wine at any price. If access to craft red wine from boutique winemakers is what you want, we strongly recommend checking out the Gold Medal Garagiste Series for California reds and The International Series for reds from family-owned wineries around the world.

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The Best Red Wine of the Month Clubs

Our research highlights these 9 wine clubs as the best red wine clubs to join in 2020

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Naked Wines isn’t really a wine club the way you think of one, but it’s a personalized wine buying service that you pay into on a monthly subscription so… we treat it like one. It also happens to be the most interesting wine club we’ve come across in a while.

The list of things we love about Naked Wines is long, but here are some of our favorite bits: the wines we tried were excellent and priced exceptionally well; the winemakers interact with commenters on a regular basis; you can make this wine club anything you want it to be.

2. Signature Series

by The California Wine Club

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This wine subscription focuses on high-end, small-production wines from small family wineries in California. It is perfect to give as a gift or to join yourself.

The Signature Series is one of our favorite premium wine clubs. We never get tired of exploring the different styles and terroirs of high-end California wine.

The Signature Series is the perfect wine gift splurge for a wine lover who likes to explore new wines. For an extra $18 you order a pre-wine gift package announcing the gift. Send it to yourself to present in person on the big day or send it directly to your wine lover so they know the wine is coming.

3. 90+ Wine Club

by Wired For Wine ®

Among all of the case clubs (12 bottles, typically shipped quarterly), this 90+ International wine club is among the best two deals. The other focuses only on California wine, but this one takes you on a journey around the world. Enjoy eclectic wines at the best prices you'll find.

It's so easy to get into a wine rut and stick with what you know. Wired For Wine ® helps you break out of that rut in a low-cost, satisfaction guaranteed way so you can find new wines to love. Also, when compared with similarly-priced case clubs, this one stands out for wine quality in a big way.

4. Pinot Noir Wine Club

by Gold Medal Wine Club

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Pinot Noir is one of the most beloved red wine grapes and this Pinot of the month club is the best one for discovering Pinot Noir from California, Oregon, and Washington. Discover boutique wineries producing world-class Pinot Noir in Santa Barbara, Sonoma, and other regions around California. Stunning Pinot from Joseph Jewell, Dragonette Cellars, and Kessler-Haak to name a few.

We're big fans of Pinot Noir in general, and we love how Gold Medal sources award-winning selections from small producers we may not have heard of or haven't had access to for purchasing. A membership with the Gold Medal Wine Club Pinot Noir Series takes Pinot lovers on a trip to the West Coast for wine tasting without leaving home. Check out their Pinot selection.

With elegant gift packaging as an upgrade option, you can make any wine subscription gift really stand out. Send a personalized greeting card ahead or ship it to yourself to present on the big day. When the wine arrives, the first shipment's bottles are wrapped in organza and presented in a beautiful artist-designed gift box.

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The Plonk wine club has always been among our favorites because of the proprietor's preference for quirky but delectable wines. Etty Lewensztain sources interesting wines made from grapes and regions you've never heard of (and some you have). Whether you choose four or twelve bottles you'll be glad you picked Plonk.

Lately we've come to think of Plonk as the "Somm club" that isn't run by a sommelier. With a focus on wines under $30 that will delight any curious wine drinker, we think the value is top notch. Also, unlike most wine clubs, if you're thinking of going red-only or white-only, you'll actually get four different selections (three of each if you upgrade to 12 bottles).

6. Bold Reds Club

by International Wine of the Month Club

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The Bold Reds club features International red wines showcasing, yep, bigger and bolder flavors, that are more tannic and fruit forward. These are not your typical easy-drinking wines but they're perfect for pizza, grill nights, and all forms of meat.

More than anything, we love surprise factor of these wines. Every time we open a box, we sort of grimace at the prospect of drinking a Rhone red or an Barolo (wines that we typically don't enjoy because of our own palate preferences), but we're always surprised at how the wines are enjoyable anyway, and usually much better than we were expecting.

Wine club gifting is an area that this company excels at. They give you the most options of any two-bottle wine club, from when you pay for each shipment, to all of the standard customizations, gift notice options, etc. The first shipment of all gifts includes organza-wrapped bottles for an extra touch.

A rare French wine club featuring affordable selections from a variety of wine regions within France. They tend to work with smaller producers offering either exceptional value or something unusual.

Everything you want in a wine club, especially if you love French wine. Their wine program is created by a multi-generational wine family from Bordeaux with great connections and taste in wine. Unlike some other specialty wine clubs, this one is priced perfectly.

One-of-a-kind wine tasting club which delivers wine by the glass instead of in full size bottles so you can taste your way through sommelier-selected grown up juice. Reorder full bottles or more glasses of what you love. Now delivered quarterly.

We especially love that sommelier Tyler Kennedy picks the wine — and it shows. We’ve been super impressed with the quality of each wine we’ve received. The unusual selection genuinely seems like a somm picked the wines. We also love the pricing which rewards bigger customers.

This is, by far, our favorite wine club gift for adventurous drinkers, light drinkers, and even wine professionals. In addition to a top-notch sommelier-curated wine selection, the packaging is novel and fun, and really well-constructed. Save big with longer subscriptions and when you double the order for two people to enjoy.

9. 90+ Cellars Wine Club

by Ninety Plus Cellars

A surprisingly high-quality affordable wine club offering a comprehensive range of wine regions, grape varieties, and wine styles. 90+ Cellars is a modern-day négociant, sourcing wine at all different stages of production to produce wine at very low prices.

We've been fans of the Ninety Plus brand since we started working in the wine business. We especially love the affordable pricing, which allows wine shoppers on a budget to explore premium wine regions and the grapes they're known for.

The Best Red Wine Club Subscriptions

These red wine clubs are either red wine only or have a red wine only option. All earned a rating of at least 4 stars from us. They’re sorted by rating, from highest to lowest. If you didn’t find what you were looking for in the list above, you might find it here.

Wine Clubs Description Price & Delivery Best Feature: easy to shop by wine styles like Big Red, Fruity Red, Crisp White, and Fruity White Contribute $40 / month, purchase when you want
Winc Best Feature: easy-to-shop vegan, sustainable, organic, natural, low alcohol, and low sulfur wines $52+ / month
Case Club
The California Wine Club
Best prices on wines from small California wineries $159 / quarter
Aged Cabernet Series
The California Wine Club
The ONLY club to offer reliably-aged California Cab $231 / monthly and quarterly
90+ Wine Club
Wired For Wine ®
Great quality International wines at bargain prices $170 / quarter
Signature Series
The California Wine Club
Best curation of luxury wine from small California wineries $121+ / monthly and quarterly
French Wine Club
Best wine club for discovering quality French wine beyond Bordeaux and Burgundy $99.99 / quarterly
Premier Series
The California Wine Club
Best way to discover small California wineries without going to wine country $40.45 / monthly and quarterly
Plonk Wine Club Best selection of organic and biodynamic wines from a wine club $110 / month
International Series
The California Wine Club
Best way to discover artisanal wine from other countries $62 / monthly and quarterly
Gold Wine Club
Gold Medal Wine Club
Great selection of affordable California wine from boutique wineries $39 / monthly and quarterly
Pacific Northwest Series
The California Wine Club
Best way to discover small family wineries in Oregon and Washington state $68 / every other month or quarterly
Diamond Wine Club
Gold Medal Wine Club
Best wine club for luxury-grade California wine $179 / quarter
90+ Cellars Wine Club
Ninety Plus Cellars
Easy-going wine from around the world Starts at $50 / quarter
Bold Red Wines Club
International Wine of the Month Club
Discovering big, bold red wine from everywhere in the world From $51.95 / monthly and quarterly
Collector’s Wine Club
International Wine of the Month Club
Discovering high-end wine from everywhere in the world From $72.95 / monthly and quarterly
Platinum Wine Club
Gold Medal Wine Club
High-end California wine $89-99/shipment / monthly and quarterly
Firstleaf Best Feature: flexible subscription size and schedule $79.95 / monthly and quarterly
Garagiste Wine Club
Gold Medal Wine Club
Best way to find tiny-production wines with no distribution $75-85 / every other month or quarterly
Pinot Noir Wine Club
Gold Medal Wine Club
Best California Pinot Noir subscription $74 / monthly and quarterly
GrapeSeed Selections
GrapeSeed Wine
Pedigreed California wine $150 / quarter
The World of Wine
Easy-going wines with a regional theme Starts at $50
Masters Wine Club
International Wine of the Month Club
Discovering high-end wine from everywhere in the world From $54.95 / monthly and quarterly
Premier Wine Club
International Wine of the Month Club
Discovering good-quality wine from everywhere in the world From $39.95 / monthly and quarterly
Wine Insiders Best Feature: easy management of delivery routing $139.95 / quarter
Wine Awesomeness A fun and affordable themed wine subscription with its own full-color magazine Starts at $49 / monthly and quarterly Personalized wine selection with many customization choices, swap every bottle Starts at $75
International Wine Club
Gold Medal Wine Club
Exploring small producers around the world From $75 / quarter
Bright Cellars The one where the algorithm decides what you like From $80 / monthly
Pinot Noir Wine Club
Discover Pinot Noir from around the world Starts at $50

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