Best Red Wine Clubs

Best Red Wine Clubs

Last updated: October 8, 2019

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We've reviewed dozens of red wine clubs. Whether they feature only red wine like Pinot Noir or Cabernet Sauvignon, just French or California reds and red blends, there are a gazillion red wine clubs to choose from and they're available at a host of different prices. It's easy to get overwhelmed, but the great news is, we've got your back.

This list of best wine clubs focuses on the best red wine available through online wine clubs. For this list, we don't use price as a limiting factor. We think the best red wines show up in different price ranges and we wanted to highlight wine clubs that consistently ship out terrific red wine.

We think the best reason to join a red wine club, as opposed to buying from a reputable store, is the Satisfaction Guarantee. If you want to discover new red wine, different red wine grapes, or different red wine regions, you can do that without the risk of bad bottles when you join a wine club. The best wine clubs will replace anything you don't like, including the expensive stuff.

Another great reason to try a red wine club membership is that you'll get access to wines you won't find in a store. Interesting wines typically come from smaller producers and wine clubs carefully cultivate relationships with great wineries to get you access to great red wine at any price. If access to craft red wine from boutique winemakers is what you want, we strongly recommend checking out the Gold Medal Garagiste Series for California reds and The International Series for reds from family-owned wineries around the world.

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The Best Red Wine of the Month Clubs


All-Around Rating:

For You Save $50 on your first 6-bottle case, just $49.99. Voucher code is already entered. Click for This Deal.

For You Save $100 on your first 12-bottle case, just $79.99. Voucher code is already entered. Click for This Deal. isn't exactly a regular wine club, it's more of a wine-buying membership where your membership fees accrue toward future wine purchases and any unspent funds are fully refundable.

You can choose all of your own wine at, and naturally you can choose only red wines — making this a terrific red wine subscription.

There are so many reasons to love and we outline them all in our full review, but here is a sampling of our favorite features:

A huge variety of wine is available. No matter what your existing red wine preferences are, or how much wine tasting your way through the world you want to do, you'll find you can create a fantastic red wine subscription with their inventory. All kinds of red wine are available from many regions famous for their delectable varieties. Every wine is described so you know if it has the flavors you're looking for in your red wine. Wine prices vary widely from $8 (a deeply discounted member price) to $45 with a great selection under $20 and plenty of room to splurge on special occasions.

You pick your own wine with the benefit of other members' ratings. In addition to wine recommendations based on how you've rated your previous selections, you also see the wine ratings from all of their customers so you can pick only the most popular ones if you want.

You have a relationship with the winemakers. Your monthly deposits ensure there are funds to pay independent winemakers for the gems they produce. The winemakers are grateful for this way of working, as it allows them to be creative and guarantees them an income. We know this because when you comment on one of their wines, good or bad, odds are good you'll get a helpful or grateful response from the winemaker directly. It makes you feel good about buying your wine from

2. Signature Series

by The California Wine Club
All-Around Rating:

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There are only a few elite-level red wine clubs out there, and finding the ones that focus on just California wines is tricky, so if you love fine California red wine, this club is sure to knock your socks off. The Signature Series is #1 on our Editor's Picks list for a reason — you can't do better than this.

Wine Selection: The Signature Series wine club is predominantly red, but occasionally an excellent white or sparkling is in the mix. The wine typically hails from Napa and Sonoma wine regions and usually includes Cabernet Sauvignon or red blends. Shipments have included Janzen wines from the famed Beckstoffer To Kalon Vineyard, selections from Blackbird Vineyards, and Vintage Schramsberg sparkling.

Wine Price: The price varies each month depending on which wines are featured, averaging $161 plus shipping. It's super important to note that you're not getting two $80 wines, you'll probably get one $100+ wine and one $60ish wine. Bonus! Membership includes a personal wine consultant at your service and discounts when you reorder your favorites. Plus, save 50% on your first shipment with coupon WCRHALF at checkout.

Gift Options: Buying for a red wine connoisseur? Unless they don't like California wine (hard to imagine, but they do exist), this will be a wow gift. Gift shipments can be selected from 1-12 months and the discounts get bigger with additional months. Gifts include an elegant bottle stopper, a $25 wine credit for the online store, a VIP winery tour and tasting invitation, and a personalized gift card from you.

Cabernet lover? The California Wine Club also offers an Aged Cabernet Series for folks who want to experience Cab's legendary ageability but don't have the patience or equipment to age it themselves. Perfectly cellared for 7-12 years, these wines are ready to drink now.

3. 90+ Wine Club

by Wired For Wine ®
All-Around Rating:

Wired For Wine ® is a wine retailer offering an eclectic international selection of wines that are rated at least 90 points by a wine critic. Their quarterly wine club collects twelve of these bottles and delivers them to your door.

This is one of, in our opinions, the most under-appreciated wine clubs on our website. It's one of only six wine clubs that have a full 5 stars and it appears on several of our Best Wine Clubs lists. Competing with big name wine clubs at the exact same price, they deliver significantly better red wine.

Wine Selection: The red wines are curated based on wine critics' ratings and how much the owners of the company want to drink the wine (a foodie-friendly selection).

Wine Price: Their International selection of 90+ point red wines for just $14.16 per bottle will surprise you. Shipping is included for wine club members.

Satisfaction Guarantee means if you don't like a wine, they'll get you something else at no extra cost. They want you to love the wines you get and they stand behind their wine selection prowess.

4. Pinot Noir Wine Club

by Gold Medal Wine Club
All-Around Rating:

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Singling out red wine clubs for high quality and great prices is a tough job, but hey, someone's gotta do it! We're big fans of the Gold Medal Wine Club and this stellar red club represents the best of what Gold Medal Wine Club can do you for you as a wine connoisseur. This wine club is limited to 500 participants to ensure they can continue to buy the best small-production red wine. It ships quarterly.

Wine Selection: With red wine hailing from around California, the 93+ rated wines in Gold Medal Wine Club's Diamond Series are perfect for any serious red wine enthusiast (you know who you are). Whether it's a stunning GSM blend from Dragonette Cellars in Santa Barbara County, something from Heidi Barrett's latest project (Vin Perdu), or a Cabernet Sauvignon from Parallel or Sojourn in Napa, the selection in each shipment will not dissapoint. Drink them now or save them for later (in a proper cellar, please!).

Wine Price: Shipment prices vary from $165-195 plus $13 for shipping. It's important to note that the variance in pricing is due to the actual cost of some of these amazing wines. Also, some bottles will cost more than others within each shipment. Save 5% by upgrading to 4-bottle shipments (two of each wine).

Gift Options: Gold Medal Wine Club has the prettiest gift packaging of any wine club we work with. You can add the artist-designed gift box to your order for $5.99 and a mailed greeting card for $2.50 which will arrive ahead of the wine and announce that it's on its way. The price is fixed at $179 a month plus shipping when you order as a gift because you're prepaying for all of the shipments.

Looking for hard-to-access wines instead? The Garagiste Series is Gold Medal's newest wine club and features TINY production wines from California's up-and-coming wineries and winemakers. These wines are rarely available anywhere other than the winery itself.

5. Red Wine Club

by Plonk Wine Club
All-Around Rating:

For You & For Gifts Save $10 on any order and get a free double-hinged corkscrew with your first shipment. Use code NEWMEMBER at checkout.

Plonk Wine Club has been one of our favorite wine clubs for years. Their proprietor and wine buyer, Etty, goes out of her way to procure excellent, interesting, and, where possible, biodynamic red wines to delight her customers. As a serious foodie, she also has chef-paired recipes for each selection. Among other great red wine clubs, Plonk makes it to this best red wine clubs list not just because of its price and awesome wine, but because if you sign up for an all red wine subscription, you actually get four different red wines! (Several of their competitors simply send two of the same red wine.)

Wine Selection: Here at we have what we like to call "curious palates." We always want to try unique red wines and we sometimes get bored with the selection of wines available through grocery stores. Plonk is the perfect wine club for people like us. A recent selection included a Zweigalt (red) from Austria, a red blend from Portugal, a Rhone-style red blend from California's North Coast, and a red blend from the Asturias region in Spain. Plonk's Red Wine Club is available in 4- and 12-bottle shipments. If you select the 12-bottle shipments you'll get three each of four different red wines.

Wine Quality: Plonk only works with high-quality red wines. It's a point of pride for Etty to select the best red wines around the world that retail for less than $30, and then bring those beautiful wines to a market who would otherwise never see them. Each wine is distinctive, balanced, and shows "typicity" (which means it tastes like the grapes it says are on the bottle). Each wine also has character, creating enjoyment and adventure in every sip.

Wine Price: Plonk, despite its name, does not offer cheap wine, so you can't get it at cheap prices, but it's really quite affordable for the amazing selection of wine you receive. Their 4-bottle red wine club (recommended) is $94.99 per shipment ($23.75 per bottle), with free shipping. You can get that down to almost $20 per bottle if you join the 12-bottle club. Bonus! Save $10 on your first order with promo code NEWMEMBER and get a free double-jointed corkscrew in your first shipment — our favorite corkscrew, and we've got dozens.

Gifting info: Plonk doesn't place a heavy emphasis on gifting. They offer gift shipments, pre-paid like most other wine clubs, but there isn't any gift wrap or pomp and circumstance around their shipments. You can create an email gift announcement or print a customized gift announcement to give on the big day.

6. Bold Reds Club

by International Wine of the Month Club
All-Around Rating:

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For Gifts Save $30 when you give a year of wine gift. Use code SAVE30 at checkout.

Overview: The Bold Reds club features International red wines showcasing, yep, bigger and bolder flavors, that are more tannic and fruit forward. These are not your typical easy-drinking wines but they're perfect for pizza, grill nights, and all forms of meat.

What We Love: More than anything, we love surprise factor of these wines. Every time we open a box, we sort of grimace at the prospect of drinking a Rhone red or an Barolo (wines that we typically don't enjoy because of our own palate preferences), but we're always surprised at how the wines are enjoyable anyway, and usually much better than we were expecting.

Wine Club Gift Info: Wine club gifting is an area that this company excels at. They give you the most options of any two-bottle wine club, from when you pay for each shipment, to all of the standard customizations, gift notice options, etc. The first shipment of all gifts includes organza-wrapped bottles for an extra touch.

7. French Wine Club

All-Around Rating:

Overview: A rare French wine club featuring affordable selections from a variety of wine regions within France. They tend to work with smaller producers offering either exceptional value or something unusual.

What We Love: Everything you want in a wine club, especially if you love French wine. Their wine program is created by a multi-generational wine family from Bordeaux with great connections and taste in wine. Unlike some other specialty wine clubs, this one is priced perfectly.

8. Wine by the Glass Club

All-Around Rating:

Overview: One-of-a-kind wine tasting club which delivers wine by the glass instead of in full size bottles so you can taste your way through sommelier-selected grown up juice. Reorder full bottles or more glasses of what you love. Now delivered quarterly.

What We Love: We especially love that sommelier Tyler Kennedy picks the wine — and it shows. We’ve been super impressed with the quality of each wine we’ve received. The unusual selection genuinely seems like a somm picked the wines. We also love the pricing which rewards bigger customers.

Wine Club Gift Info: This is, by far, our favorite wine club gift for adventurous drinkers, light drinkers, and even wine professionals. In addition to a top-notch sommelier-curated wine selection, the packaging is novel and fun, and really well-constructed. Save big with longer subscriptions and when you double the order for two people to enjoy.

9. 90+ Cellars Wine Club

by Ninety Plus Cellars
All-Around Rating:

Overview: A surprisingly high-quality affordable wine club offering a comprehensive range of wine regions, grape varieties, and wine styles. 90+ Cellars is a modern-day négociant, sourcing wine at all different stages of production to produce wine at very low prices.

What We Love: We've been fans of the Ninety Plus brand since we started working in the wine business. We especially love the affordable pricing, which allows wine shoppers on a budget to explore premium wine regions and the grapes they're known for.

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